UPDATE: I've moved! Visit me at my new website: www.christiezimmer.com.

What program do you use to create your journal pages?

I create all of my journal pages on Adobe Illustrator, which I've been slowly teaching myself to use over the last few years. I draw in all of my borders, boxes, lettering, and doodles by hand using a pen tablet.

I'm a teacher and I'd like to make copies of your printable journal pages to share with my students. Can I do that?

I absolutely love the idea of students using my pages and I'd love to learn more about the classes in which my pages are being used (ie. what grade you teach and roughly where your school is located). If you'd be so kind as to send me a quick email to let me know that you'd like to start using my pages with your students, I'll be happy to send you my copyright permission statement.

I am having difficulty downloading your journal pages. Can you help me?

I am always happy to help! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Every once in a blue moon, Google Drive, which hosts my pages, can be a bit glitchy. Some readers have reported that they were able to download without any problems by waiting a while and trying again. I definitely recommend giving it a second try if you can't access my pages on your first attempt.

Some readers have had difficulty downloading my pages in Internet Explorer.  If you're getting error messages instead of pages in Explorer, downloading in a different browser is definitely worth a try.

There also, unfortunately, seems to be a small group of readers who have difficulty accessing pages no matter what they do. So frustrating! If that group includes you, I'm sorry about that and I'll absolutely try to help you in any way that I can.

I have a couple of additional suggestions. Possibly it's a firewall issue. I'm not an expert regarding the nuts and bolts of computer security, but my limited understanding is that some folks' computers may not be letting them access my pages. So you might want to check your computer's settings to make sure your firewall isn't preventing you from downloading my pages.

Also, I have received several emails from readers (including my mother) who aren't familiar with the setup over at Google Drive.  Just so we're all on the same page, when you click on the link to my pages, you should end up at a screen that looks like this:

On the left side of the page, right under the file name (in this case: Journal Page 5 by Christie Zimmer - colour-free.pdf), you'll find four menu options: File, Edit, View, and Help.

In the screen shot below, you can see where I've clicked on File, which has opened a sub-menu with several options, including Download right at the bottom. You should be able to download the file from there and then print the page from your reader.

If you are still unable to print the page or can't get to it when you click on the link in my post, all is not lost! Send me an email and we'll sort it out together.  In your email, I'd love it if you could explain what happens on your end when you click on the link.