Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting for geese and a new printable card for spring

Pretty soon Canada geese will be holding up traffic again.

Every spring, there's one busy road in town that becomes a little busier.  Brand new families of geese arrive at the road's edge, line themselves up in single file -- adults at the front and back, babies in the middle -- and saunter across the asphalt, apparently completely oblivious to the long line of idling cars waiting for them to pass.  They're on their way to the vernal pools on the other side that have emerged during the seasonal thaw. Once there, they settle into the cool water and traffic resumes without incident.

It's one of my favourite spring scenes and it inspired the printable cards you'll find below.  Happy spring everyone!  Joyeux printemps tout le monde!  (Yep, I made a French version too.)
Download happy spring here.

Download joyeux printemps here.

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