Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cornbread and the lost art of focus

I bumped into a good friend at the grocery store recently and while we talked, I realized that the conversation wasn't sinking in.  My two year old was there too, simultaneously carrying on her own conversation and interjecting repeatedly, "Excuse me, mom.  Please be quiet."  So I was answering her queries and shushing her at times and talking to my friend and thinking about whether I'd gotten everything on my list and all the while wondering when, if ever, the ability to focus will return.  Because, right now, it's AWOL.

These days, there's a constant battle raging in my head between three increasingly aggressive factions:  (1) what I am doing, (2) what I'd like to be doing, and (3) what I think I ought to be doing.  Occasionally, they arrange a ceasefire and warily co-exist, but mostly they're just making a huge mess in there, leaving me no time or energy to decipher the universal truths of life on earth or, alternatively, the path to instant blogging success.

So, in lieu of focus or a solution or whatever, my daughter and I returned home from the grocery store and made cornbread.

Mmm cornbread.


  1. Let the camera be your life-raft in the sea of chaos.

    With the camera you can ALWAYS choose the focal point and you've done a great job of using focus in these shots!

  2. Cornbread trumps sanity any day.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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