Friday, June 4, 2010

Part journal, part to-do list, part procrastination device - Page 2

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

Yesterday I posted my first printable fill-in-the-blank journal page (along with an explanation of how it came to be) and promised to continue posting new pages each weekday over the next few weeks.

Page 2 is ready to go, complete with to-do list . . .

lightning round . . .

and a bonus question . . .

The full page looks like this:

Page 2 is free to download here.  And if you missed it, page 1 is here.  Meet me here on Monday for page 3!


  1. awesome! I love this one too.
    I hadn't come across the phrase 'lightening round' before. I really like how you include those - they really are light and make it fun.
    thanks again :-)

  2. Hi Liberty,

    Thanks for your comments! I'm pretty sure the "lightening round" reference comes from a game show, but I can't remember which one. I'll have to look it up now . . .


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