Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wasting time and a new journal page

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

I just couldn't get down to work on today's journal page.  So while my husband took our girls to visit his parents, I frittered away my time -- surfing the net, tidying rather aimlessly, baking . . .

Then, with a plate full of chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk, I gave it another shot and it started to come together . . .

The lightning round was next . . .

Before I knew it, there was a plate of cookie crumbs on my desk and a full page on my screen . . .

I think that pretty much settles it -- chocolate really does fix everything.

You'll find today's page in the following formats:
  • border-free,
  • with a colour-it-yourself border,
  • with the pre-coloured border you see above.

Happy Thursday friends!  And hey, if you've got a moment, I'd love to hear from you -- what are your favourite time-wasters?


  1. favorite time waster? reading blogs! I am so addicted and can spend waaaaaay too much time looking at beautiful things on the internet.

  2. Let's see...surfing the internet....reading (although I maintain that is never a waste of time)....watching home-improvement shows on TV. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my day. Oh, and throw in a little housework here and there, and you've got it! Thanks for another awesome journal page! :)

  3. Thanks so much for the new journal page, I love them!

  4. Heather: Me too! So many beautiful things . . .

    Pam: All excellent time wasters!

    Amy Eileen: My pleasure!

  5. Thanks so much Christie! Hey, what program do you use to create these masterpieces?

  6. Hi Jana: Right now I use Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for asking!

  7. wow just found your journal pages. I've had the same idea about making something like these to include in my dayplanner. I think yours are more beautiful/"cooler" than I could ever make. so i'm going to use yours instead. I really love them and hope you continue to make and share them. you got a real gift for making these.

    have to agree with others my favourite time waster is reading blogs.

  8. psh! I sure wish one of my time wasters was tidying, be it aimlessly or not! I too, am guilty of too much internet time. Thanks for the new page!

  9. Any cookies left? ;o) Time wasters...the computer and I find more and more that I hop from one thing to another before I completely finish it (laundry, meals, cleaning projects) with the ultimate distractors = the kids. So, I have been known to console myself with chocolate (a chocolate croissant this morning).

  10. Thanks, Carin and Scribbler!

    Carin: Sadly, it's just about the only time I do tidy. :) Glad you're enjoying the new page!

    Scribbler: Mmm, chocolate croissants . . . breakfast of champions! Me too with the hopping. These are jobs that just never done.

  11. Although I've spent lots of time on your blog tonight... it certainly hasn't been time wasted! Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


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