Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday prompt, a sneak peak and a giveaway

I've been thinking about creating a regular Friday post in the form of a fun, weekly online prompt.  I'm envisioning something colourful and lighthearted and enticingly interactive.  I'll post my response to the prompt in the comments and I invite you to do the same. 

Every once in a while, when the mood is right and the stars align -- today, for example -- the Friday prompt will involve a giveaway.  It won't happen every Friday, but for today's post I'm creating an exclusive journal page that won't be posted online.  In order to find it, all you have to do is leave a comment in response to today's prompt.  I'll email the links to my new journal page to every person who comments.  I'm a sucker for a contest that everybody wins!

This whole email thing is a bit of an experiment, a test run.  If you decide to comment, make sure that I can find your email address -- either in your profile or site link or feel free to include it in your comment.  In terms of timing, I'll begin sending emails on Monday.  If you don't receive a message from me, it might be that I haven't been able to find your email address.  In that case, drop me a line at christie (at) graceisoverrated (dot) com and we'll sort it out.  Next week, I'll let you know how it went and how we might tweak the process for next time, if necessary.

Okay, today's prompt involves a sneak peak at this element from my giveaway page:

Tell me in the comments about one place (or two or three) other than home where you feel right at home.  I'll be posting mine in the comments right now!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Other than the homes of relatives and good friends where I feel right at home, the one place that is not a home that comes immediately to mind is the library. Any library, really.

    When I need a breather from life's little frustrations, I love to sneak off to the library, grab a magazine (or a bunch of magazines) and sink into a soft armchair and zone out for a while. Feels just like home (without all of the usual interruptions!)

    Oh, and one more place that comes to mind, strangely enough, is the grocery store. I'm there so often that I know every aisle by heart. I've become a frighteningly helpful shopper, offering unsolicited assistance to anyone who looks like they've lost their way in international foods aisle.

  2. I feel right at home on my parents back porch--there are woods that back up to their house so you can sit back there without any disruptions from neighbors or traffic. cool mornings are great to sit out there with a cup of coffee, cool evenings are great with a glass of wine.
    it is the most peaceful place I know.

  3. I'm going to have to say because of my increasing anxiety around those I don't know... I feel most at home (when not at home) at my MIL's house, It's so welcome and easy there. and My Friend's sally's house, it's crazy there but it's strangly comforting. and I don't feel self consious, anxious or nervous at either of those places.

    jmjaques at live dot com (thank you)

  4. #1- My grandmother's little home. She just passed away in June at the age of 91.. but I always felt at home sitting in her living room. Now my own mother has moved there and I still feel that wonderful feeling.
    #2- I feel very much at home and comfortable in my car. I know that sounds crazy , but it truly is an extention of me and my family. We spend a lot of time there and have had a lot of fun memories in that thing.
    #3- I feel very much at home in my dear friends houses. They are so kind to me and treat me as a special guest.

  5. I am right at home wherever my kids are. I have 4 of them and they are 5 and under. I feel like they (and my husband) are what makes a home so wherever they are, I am home. :)
    mmdapelo at gmail dot com

  6. I feel right at home in any craft store. Whether it is Michal's, AC Moore, JoAnn's, anywhere in the country! Give me a good locally owned scrapbooking store, and walking in the door instantly makes me happy! They're all different, and yet exactly the same. I know what to expect there-friendly customer service, cheerful fellow shoppers, and lots of goodies to feast my eyes on. I can even leave a store empty-handed, but I still felt good just going in and looking!


  7. Christie-
    I too would put the Library as one place I feel at home. It was my home away from home for so long and it doesn't matter what state, what college or what area but the library is home.

    My other place is Paris, France. I know big place, however there is just something about the streets, the people, and the sky there. The sky in Paris is just amazing. It's a perfect mix of the beach sky I grew up with, the grey of living in DC in the winter, and the sunsets of my current home. It warms my heart.

    My final place is at my in-laws. They are both from big families where the truth is just the truth and home is home.


  8. My husband's arms.

    My parent's house on Antero Mt, Nathrop, CO, USA.

    Lazienki Palace, Warsaw, Poland.

  9. (1) The bookstore. I love everything about it. The relatively quiet space filled with books that I long to read. The smell is divine. And the world just seems to slow down.

    (2) My car. Even five years later, I am so appreciative of how comfortable it is, not to mention its understated beauty. It smells good, but not like the new car smell. Rather, like the smell of me on a good day when I've had time to apply lotion to my legs and wash my hair. Every morning, I go to my garage and think, "Wow! I get to drive this car today!"

    (3)Does my bed, which is in my home, count? I feel at home most there.


  10. 1. Mama and them's
    2. My friend, Kathy's
    3. The beach

  11. There's a little Chinese restaurant I go to often, when I can get away from the kids. My guy travels a lot for work, so I have a standing Saturday sanity break, and I often end up at "my table" at this restaurant, where I can sit and read a book as long as I want and no one talks to me other than to ask if I want diet Coke. It's lovely.

  12. I feel at home at my Momma's house, at my best friend Maren's house, and at Barnes & Noble!

  13. I live in the town where I attended university, and the campus is a place where I always feel at home. Maybe because it was my home for so long. I especially love the feeling of walking on campus after not having been there for a while. Everything from the buildings to the landscaping just seems to say, "Hello again, and welcome back."

  14. I feel right at home when visiting the beach. The waves welcome me and the driftwood invites me to sit awhile.

    Love these journal pages. Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I feel right at home when I fly to see my family. Any of them. It's comfortable to be with the ones who love me the most!!

    Love, love, love the journal pages. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. I feel at home in a forest of pine trees ..
    the library ... and in any church, no matter wht denomination!

  17. Anywhere where my husband is...

    Anytime I'm in a library...

    Anytime I am in my best friend's home...

  18. Hi Christie,
    First, thanks for doing this - it's a neat idea.

    I like you library idea - I think I feel that way too, and I hadn't really thought about that before.

    In terms of two places that come to my mind, I am a member of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks (BPOE and Elks for short), whose main function is community support and service, but who also have a nice cozy little club room in the building where people come and chat and are always nice to each other and real camaraderie happen, and I feel at home there. I hope these types of fraternal organizations don't disappear - at 32, I bring the average age of the membership down by a couple of decades. :)

    Secondly, I feel right at home at the school I work at. After 10 years and putting a lot of heart and soul into the place, I really do feel good about being there, even when I have to stay late sometimes or go in on the weekends.

    Thanks for helping me to appreciate these places a little more today. Hope you're doing well.

    carinbarrett (at) hotmail (dot) com

  19. I feel at home at my old Grandma's house. She moved out a few years ago and I still drive past it because I miss it so much. It was too big for her to take care of, but I have great memories there!

    P.S. I love all your journal pages! I have your blog on my bookmark toolbar!


  20. What a great idea! Places I feel right at home (apart from home) are my Nan's house and the local library (known as the Living Room of the City).
    Your journal pages are awesome! I can't wait to bind them all into a little book :-)

  21. Having lost out on owning our own home over 2 years ago (LONG story), I also feel most at home in my car -- I've owned it over 9 years! I also love being with my cats, even though, yes, it's at home, but they make "home" more of a reality.
    gabbycovey at gmail dot com

  22. I feel most at home in the country, in my vehicle (chauffeuring kids), and at church.

    I'm new to your site, and am loving everything you have here to assist in my writing.


  23. Second attempt: the comment poster doesn't like me. Please forgive if a duplicate.

    Any bookstore. Any library. My car.

    Mty daughters and I are using your journal pages as homeschool "work." Nobosoy peeks at the others' pages, but the conversation starters are pricelss. Thank you!


  24. I always feel right at home at the library--any library.

  25. If I can't be at home, I always feel most at home at my parents house, at Church, at my Best friend Heather's house or The Noble House of Barnes. Ahhh, bliss...

    myrobbiedoggie at hotmail dot com

  26. What a fun little thing to do... :-) And, even better since it involves a giveaway... :-)

    My daughter's house. If I'm not at home it's my favorite place to be.

    Anywhere that my grandson is. I simply adore him and love spending time with him... I don't want to miss a minute.

    My BEST friend's house.. She lives on a pond out in the country.... I call it "the FARM".. It's so peaceful and beautiful.

    Warm blessings

  27. I feel right at home at my parents house and my husbands grandparents house. i love going to visit them!

  28. I feel right at home anywhere my significant other is. Right now with him being away all the time due to his job, just being near him - in a hotel room, at a restaurant, at a friend's house - makes me feel like I'm right where I need to be right now.


  29. I feel right at home in my car. I just love riding and then sitting on the tailgate and having a picnic. I even sleep in it once in a while.

  30. I feel right at home at my parents' house, probably because I grew up there. No matter how much stress I'm under, I always feel so relaxed there. I wish I could visit more often.

  31. 1st would be my mom's house, 2nd would be my sisters, and third would be Joann Fabrics - I'm one of those "give unsolicited advice" types at that store....

    Love your journal pages- they are going to become a special gift for my sister for christmas!

  32. Mom's house for sure. Also, my grandparent's house. And the third...My friend, Jenny's ranch in Wyoming. I just wish I could get there more often!


  33. Besides my own home, I feel most comfortable at both my daughter's homes. And also at my mother-in-law's home. I have LOVED your journal pages. Thank you so much.

  34. I feel like I am right at home at any of my siblings homes. I can walk in and it is like I have always lived there! I love it. I moved out before they were 18 and now they are all grown with families of there own and it is like we are all still under one roof when we get together!

  35. 1.Places with a jungle like feel.
    Like the rain forest cafe.
    2. Seattle even though I have never been.
    3. anywhere where there is some kind of waterfall or waterfall like structure.

  36. My new place. It feels more like home (even without furniture) than the place I am leaving after nine years. I love bookstores and quilt shops too.

  37. I feel at home most when I am near the ocean, in a large backyard surrounded by trees or in a library.

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  39. 1. My car (I spend a lot of time in it driving and waiting for kids. I always take a book. It is actually a break for me to be alone in the car)

    2. Library or Bookstore.

    3. My studio (not sure if that counts since it is a small out building in my back yard)

    4. Anyplace my family is

    I deleted and re-posted my comment because I forgot my email. It is

    Thanks for your fun journal pages.

  40. I feel most at home:
    1. Wherever my family is
    2. My home
    3. My garden

    Thank you for getting me back into journal writing with all of your creative pages...they inspire me to write something other than the same old stuff. I am making some copies for my 13 year old daughter and will make her a binder to put them in to get her writing, too! You're awesome!

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. I feel at home when Im at my Grandparents house. I grew up spending my weekends with them, and now that I have a daughter, she spends as much time with them as possible.

    Thank you so much for the journal pages. They are going to become a keepsake for my daughter. It will be fun to go back when she is older and look at them together.

    I forgot my email on my last post!! :)

  43. I feel at home at the coast - sitting listening to the waves lapping the shore, walking along the beach searching for shells.

  44. 1. My local fabric store. The people there know me by name and remember our previous conversations.

    2. In a good book. It doesn't matter where I might be...the doctor's office waiting room, on a bus, at a park.

    3. In a family does A LOT of camping. We call our huge tent 'the condo'(with enough room for a blow-up matress, pack-n-play, and much more).

  45. Feel at home? H m m . My car because I am in sales and spend oodles amount of time in there. My tub....because I am in my car all day...and my bed...for the same above reasons :-)

  46. I'm at home when I'm playing the tuba (or really any instrument, but especially the tuba - being a tuba player is a state of mind).

    I'm at home at an aquarium or snorkeling in the "giant aquarium." Sea life is fascinating, beautiful, and tranquil.

    I'm at home in my own skin.


    slwindisch (at) gmail (dot) com

  47. For me it's more about people than place. While I love bookstores, libraries & craft stores, I'm at home when I'm with close friends and family.

  48. I feel in home in the museum. It's like came in my true home - I feel better than in my own house.

    And I used to feel in home in the college. We even sleeped in the corridors using our backpacks as pillows between the classes. It's a warm, conforting place, were I really feel in home.

    filhotedelua at yahoo dot com dot br

  49. I feel right at home...
    1. At the V&A museum in London, any of its pretty rooms.
    2. In a cozy coffee shop with pen & notebook
    3. In a bus, traveling in the city with my headphones on.

    Lovely blog and I am addicted to your journal pages! Really help get on with the day chores! Thanks! ;)

  50. Ooops! Email: ;)

  51. i feel most at home when i am surrounded by all my extended family at at church. our house is a given, its often chaotic and loud, but i love it none the less and wouldnt trade it for anything. thanks for your wonderful site, i've printed every page and started to color them myself, its very soothing. i'm going to print a set for my 8 year old, i know she'll love it.

  52. I love your journal pages and I feel most at home on the land, in the bush and anywhere my daughter is!

  53. LOVE your journal pages!
    I feel at home with my CANCER FREE almost 7 year old daughter, with the smell of fresh baked cookies and surrounded by family!

  54. I feel at home anywhere I'm hanging out with my friends!
    Caitlin :)

  55. Thought I'd be the odd duck to say with family and friends, but I'm glad to be in such good company. I am also really comfortable in the grocery store.

  56. 1. my mother's home
    2. In the arms of my husband.
    3. In my car.

  57. my mom's, and my timeshare resort.
    settlesfamily at gmail dot com

  58. Hi,

    I guess I feel at home:

    1) at the beach, and
    2) when I'm gardening - just surveying my patch of ground, welly boots on and mud on my hands.

    Thank you for this kind and exciting giveaway!

  59. I would love to have a link to your journal page. It's amazing and I love it.

    I feel at home when I'm on my deck surrounded by my plants and flowers watching the hummingbirds play.

  60. I'm late but I hope you will send me the link as well.

    I feel at home when I am relaxing - just enjoying my home......

  61. Oh!! I hope I'm not too late! I rarely go online! Shoot! If I am too late, oh well - great teaser and I'll be back soon! (:

  62. Dang it - I almost forgot! I feel at home when I'm in my husband's arms (:

  63. lol - I'm going to get it right this time!!! I swear!!! !!! There, I think I remembered everything this time!

  64. I'm totally late but will comment anyway!!! :-)
    I feel at home in my tent... almost anywhere I pitch it.
    I feel at home at my mom's house... oddly I feel most at home there when no other humans are there - just me and the pets.
    I feel at home in nature in so many different locations but I'll pick in the water of Lake Huron looking back to the sand-duned shore of Pinery Provincial Park... specifically early morning or late evening when the beach is deserted.

    hmmm... all of this makes me realise that I feel most at home when I'm alone!
    thanks for the realisation!


  65. JESSICA L --- What a fantastic journal page! Thanks for sharing with us! I finally feel like I can make jounaling happen. I feel at home anywhere my little boy is, at my parents home, and in the mountains where I can feel a peaceful serenity unlike anything else. Thanks again!

  66. I feel completely at home at my sister's house and my favorite scrapbooking store. I am at home anywhere I can do hard work and get my mind off of life. susieg(at)byu(dot)net


  67. I'm also very late, but I feel home at the Gorge, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and at my late grandparents' home.

  68. Opps...three places:

    1. The Beach - any coast!
    2. With my peeps - aka hubby & 3 kids
    3. New England

  69. This is gonna sound crazy, but I like bowling alleys. Not so much bowling, but the atmosphere and sounds and people around are really soothing to me. I love, love, love writing in bowling alleys. ;)

  70. Oh! My email is tambowrites AT gmail DOT com since I couldn't find a place to enter it. ;)

  71. 1. My mom's house
    2. Anywhere with my husband & son
    3. Local coffee shop

  72. my feel at home spots inlaws house, my mom's front porch and my kids school thanks to hours of pto volunteering!

    beth clary at yahoo dot com

  73. Christie, I'm subscribing to your blog, because I'm always so inspired when I read it!

    Like you, I love visiting the library, but I haven't been for such a long time. It's my mission to go this week!

    I also feel calm when driving on long trips. My car is old, and reliable, and holds the whole family, and I enjoy driving.

  74. I am late in posting this as I am just catching up after my husband had a stroke last weekend. He is doing fine, by the way. I am just way behind in blogland.
    Could you possibly send me that journal page? I love them!

  75. My mom's house, 40 acres of land we own in Arizona, and Hobby Lobby!

  76. This actually took more thought than I expected, but three places I'm at home away from home are my parent's house, the beach, and the softball field. I was surprised to see that the field still made the list. I played through college, and haven't played much since then, but every time I do, it's like I never left.

  77. I feel at home whenever my husband and children are with me . . . no matter where we are.

  78. Among the trees on country property we own.

  79. Hi Linda, Nicole and Jean -- I haven't been able locate your email addresses! Drop me a line at christie (at) graceisoverrated (dot) com so that I can send you the links to the giveaway page. :)

  80. The three places I feel most at home, my car my Aunt's house a shoe store
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful journal pages! They inspire me to document my daily thoughts in a pretty way!
    My email is
    Thank you again,


  81. I guess I forgot to leave my email!
    dana_w_jones at

  82. I know this is way late, but I am at home in a salon. It sounds weird, but the smells make me comfortable. I also feel at home where ever there is green vegetation. Its calming and soothing, like home. Finally, anywhere my husband is; its not home without him there.
    my email:

  83. Claudia's house. She's a long time (ie. longer then I've been around) family friend who I don't see very often (what with being on opposite sides of the country and all) but I always feel right at home around her.

  84. 1. At my mom's home.
    2. At my friend Courtney's house.
    3. At my childhood friend's mother's house. I spent lots of time there growing up!

  85. 1. my parents couch
    2. cozy and almost asleep in any car at night
    3. anywhere as long as my 3 boys are snuggled up with me :)

    amlafuria AT yahoo DOT com

  86. Just found this blog. I love the journal pages! Thanks so much for sharing them! Is it too late to get the freebie? I'm going to give these to my preteen, too.

    Home away from home would be in front of any computer (sad, but true), at church, at my family reunion.

    jenna at strawnfamily dot com


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