Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday prompt

Welcome to week two!  The response to last Friday's prompt was nothing short of spectacular.  I loved reading about all of the places that feel like home to you -- libraries, craft stores, beaches, and bowling alleys . . . faraway cities and the homes of close friends . . . forests and jungles and out in the country . . . tubs and cars and playing the tuba!  So many spaces and places to call home.  Best of all, you guys made me think about family and friends and good memories and I hope you experienced a little of that too. 

Today's prompt is slightly (hugely?) different than last week's in that it will not involve a giveaway.  Rest assured, though, that new pages will still be posted every Wednesday and that there are more giveaways to come.  In the meantime, since you're here already, I'd love to read about your go-to foods, the ones that you just can't manage without . . .

When I first wrote this, I was sure my answer would involve three varieties of sweets.  Sweets are definitely my go-to comfort foods.  But after some thought, I realized that they hadn't made the list in the way that I originally expected.  My answer is in the comments.  Join me there and add your top 3!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. My three food items are butter, eggs and tea.

    Tea is easy; I drink it daily and get a little jittery when I see that I'm nearing the last tea bag in the box.

    The butter and eggs have to do with homemade treats. When the urge to bake strikes, it must be satisfied immediately. If there isn't enough butter to make chocolate chip cookies or if there is only one egg on the fridge door when I need three for my sister's banana bread recipe . . . well . . . it's not pretty. We always have eggs and butter nearby.

  2. Chocolate, Strawberries and Pecorino Romano Cheese.... weird, but true I ALWAYS have these three things at home, and I'm always eating them!

  3. organic brown rice
    brown rice pasta
    butter :-)

    and I almost always have the ingredients to bake goodies.

  4. M & Ms (for me and my kids), shredded cheese (recipes always call for this) and tomato soup (ultimate comfort food).

  5. Apples, whole grain bread and chocolate. Strange combination but I thrive on these three.

  6. Interesting question -- although I definitely have more than 3! For my very top three I'll go with: pasta, parmesan & olive oil. What else do you need? :)

  7. Bananas, Annie's Mac & Cheese and Cheddar Cheese

  8. Three categories of three
    kids lunches: bread, raspberry jam, applesauce
    in the house: varieties of cheese, pasta, apples
    just for me: ice tea, carrots, turkey (for sandwiches or snacking)

  9. Pasta, peanut butter, and shredded cheese I guess... :-D naturally, the three do not go together.

  10. My three most important foods in the house:
    assorted veggies

  11. We always have sour cream (it goes with, in, on so many things), butter, and cheese. For us you can't go wrong with that. -Jessica L

  12. hmmm- pasta, tomatoes and chocolate (obviously they do not all go together!)

  13. Without sounding super strange....I'd have to say coffee, curry and peanut butter....but not all for the same recipe :)

  14. 1) Speggtti O's for the kids,
    2) Manderian Orange Chicken (my absolute fav!)
    3) Anchovies... Iknow! I know! but they have such a great saltiness about them, that everytime I go to the store I can't help but pick up a jar/can!

  15. Easy! Coffee, cheese and fresh baguette!! Plus they are a killer combo! ;)

  16. This was a really great question! It made me stop and think!
    1) Sour Cream
    2) Milk
    3) Cheese

    Boy, if you can't tell, I'm certainly not lactose intolerant! :)

  17. rice (50 lb bags)
    tomatoes - canned, frozen, dried


  18. Cannellini beans
    Ritz Crackers
    Cheese (gouda, cheddar, or laughing cow)

    I can make anything with a can of beans and cheese. The ritz crackers are a perfect go to when needing a small snack.

  19. Brown rice, canned diced tomatoes, frozen mixed vegetables. Always. One (or more) of the three is in almost every main dish I make.

  20. bananas

    Can you tell I have kids around?

  21. Cheese (various varieties), decaf coffee (does that count as food?), yoghurt

  22. chocolate, Annie's cheddar bunny crackers, Pepperidge farms pretzel sticks

  23. Chicken Broth
    Cream of Chicken Soup
    Marinara Sauce

  24. 3 foods I always have in the house? yoghurt, bread, cheese

    3 foods just for mum to eat? lemon tarts, crisps, dim sims.

  25. I'm late again! (:

    Pasta, Nutella and milk.
    I think I would die without those three things!

  26. I could not live without Mexican food, cheese, and apples. Just found your wonderful site and love the journal pages! Those journal pages are the neatest thing since the invention of sliced bread! My 16 year old grand daughter is a writer so I sent her a link to your site. Can't wait to see what other pages you come up with. One for every day of the year?

  27. Food items:
    Ritz Crackers (for my husband)
    Plain Yogurt (I eat it with honey all the time, and put it in smoothies, and turn it into Greek yogurt)
    Cheese (me and my kids eat cheese every day)
    Cannelini beans (because several years ago no grocery stores near me carried them so now I always have several cans)

  28. dandelion tea
    black beans

    geez, I'm really boring...


  29. coke cola.. i'm addicted to it
    bread.. always need my toast and sandwiches for the boys
    flour and eggs to make homemade treats :)

  30. 1. tea bags
    2. milk
    3. bread
    oops, i have to add a fourth: peanut butter.

  31. Once again, slow in posting because of my husbands hospital stay, but...
    2)celery and peanut butter (they are a together food, I can't have one without the other)
    3) grapes

  32. Hmmm, tough one. Definetly Chocolate! And then probably flour and eggs (for baking - usually with a chocolate theme!)

  33. What a great post!
    My three have to be eggs soup & potatoes

  34. For me it is Sunkist orange soda, tomatoes, and more Sunkist orange soda!

  35. What a fun question!

    For our house it's cheese, milk and wheat thins. Those are items we simply can't live without.

    Are we able to go back and answer last weeks question to get the journaling page? I just found your site and I'd love the chance to catch up!

  36. Cheddar Cheese (the more sharp the better!)

  37. Answering late again, hoping to get the giveaway sheet. If it's too late, I understand!

    Cheese, bread, fruit



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