Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday journal page

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

Today I'm thinking about the people who amaze me on a regular basis -- the ones who fall down and get right back up again, who aim for the stars even though they're so very far away, who challenge themselves over and over again and then a little more, who dare you to suggest that they can't do it, who smile because it makes them feel better than frowning and sing along even when they don't know all the words.

Who's on your list?

I'm also thinking about the fact that my house is slowly being consumed by clutter and how I'll be hard pressed to choose just three spots for this list . . .

The entirety of today's journal page looks a little like this:

You can download it here (borderless) and here (borderful) and here (borderful and colourful too!)

Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. Lightning round: table/letters/falling leaves and emerging buds/gas/piano/hug/avoidance(see how many I skipped;) and finally croissant (instead of puff or phyllo pastry).

    My children constantly amaze me.


  2. People who amaze me:
    My parents
    Teachers (I'm grouping them as a whole :) )

  3. Clutter/Chaos in my home:
    Under sinks, Daughter's room, At the door as kids are going out to the bus in the morning!

    I AM going to declutter/organize under my kitchen/bathroom sinks over the's on my to-do list!

  4. Moms amaze me. I'm getting to the point that I seriously need to start considering whether to have children of my own. (But that's a whole other story.) Moms are so selfless and give so much even while being beaten down a lot, although many claim it's worth it.

    I especially think of MY mom. My oldest sister is mentally disabled and lives at home with my parents (always will), and not only does my mom have to care for her in a way (my sister is somewhat self-sufficient), she also has to care for my ailing, diabetic father who's almost blind and has to go to dialysis. All while still having a part time job in her profession -- physical therapy -- to help offset living and medical expenses from their savings. Oh, and did I mention she's almost 71! And besides my sister, there are four of us other kids that all have been raised well, and all of us have college degrees. SHE is amazing!

    -- Gabby

  5. my students amaze me
    my mother amazes me
    my father amazes me

    i have about 300 "cluttered" areas!!! :p

    Thank you for the new journal page!

  6. Hi there!

    Scribbler - Avoidance for me too! And croissants, mmm croissants. Hadn't considered them . . .

    Nancy - Love your list!

    Cate - You're welcome!

    Amy K - Under the sinks. Clutter magnets. Best wishes for your weekend of de-cluttering!

    Gabby - Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your mom's amazingness. :)

    Meg - Great list! (Me too with the clutter!)

  7. Hey Christie! I printed out your journal pages a couple weeks ago and have enjoyed filling them out some much that I featured them on my blog today! I know my friends would love them too! Thanks for all the inspiration!! You're Awesome!

    President Obama, not in a good way
    Nancy Pelosi, not in a good way
    My mom for loving me no matter what
    My craft room
    My desk
    Under the kitchen sink

  9. People:
    Heidi a fellow homeschooling mom
    Brady, my nephew is working through some really difficult times
    Bonnie, a great friend, teacher and confidant

    Clutter Spots:
    Kitchen Nook
    Office Desk
    Craft Room `` yes an entire room!

  10. I just found this wonderful blog and journal pages. Thanks so much! I've saved all thirty pages and will be printing them and completing them daily. Terrific!


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