Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do you journal?

About a week ago, the lovely Michelle Baylor sent me an email describing the way that she'll be using my journal pages in the coming months.  She has since given me her permission to share her note with you, so here it is:
Thank you so much for the journal pages you continue to share! 
A friend of mine recently moved far away, so for Christmas I have printed a set of the pages for her and a set for me.  I've put them in stamped, addressed envelopes labeled with dates througout the year.  As we finish the pages, we will mail them to each other so we can continue growing in our friendship even from far away.
Hopefully you are encouraged to know that your hard work is helping people to connect and invest in each other.
Again, thank you.
Michelle Baylor
Photo courtesy of Michelle Baylor

I am so thrilled and grateful for such wonderful feedback, and utterly inspired by Michelle's creativity.  Just as I am whenever you share tantalizing tidbits in the comments about the ways in which you incorporate my pages into your creative journals.  In fact, as this project progresses, it has become quite clear that you are breathing life into these pages in ways I haven't begun to consider.

So I ask you, how do you journal?  To whatever degree you're comfortable sharing, I'd love to know!  Perhaps together, we can make it a regular feature -- a creative resource of new ideas and inspiration.

If you'd like to share your journal tips, tricks and secrets -- even if they don't involve my pages -- send me an email at christie (at) graceisoverrated (dot) com and I'll post them here.

Happy Tuesday friends and stay tuned for a brand new journal page tomorrow!  . . . looking more like Thursday now . . .


  1. aww that is awesome.

    I print off 2 of each journal page and feel them out on the same day. why repeat you may ask I place them in a binder for each of my girls as a keepsake.

    I'm blogging about it later this week. if you want the link let me know!


  2. Thanks, Wonderland! Yes, please send me the link!

  3. what a wonderful way to use the pages!

  4. I printed them and put them in the back of my self made planner. That way when I am sitting at boring meetings I always have something to doodle on!

  5. your pages look wonderful on those bright pages!

  6. Since my daughter is too young to play with me... I send a link to my cousin (she's the tramaultious age of 14!) and we fill them out and email them back to each other... it's great, we've become closer and I think I've helped her relize that adults don't always have everything "together" and there is no magic age, when you're all of a sudden an adult!

  7. That's such a lovely way to use the pages! I wish I was that organised. I agree with aimee - they look awesome on the brightly coloured pages. Feeling inspired!

  8. I print your colorful pages on plain white cardstock, and journal a bit at a time throughout the week with acid-free pens, so they're all ready to go on a scrapbook page. I also keep a notebook in my purse to jot things down that I want to remember to journal about. I also have a computer-based journal, for those times when I need to journal something, but don't have time to handwrite (I can type a lot faster). Later on I will transfer those thoughts to the journaling sheet later on.

  9. I've been saving each page - I plan on printing them out and hand binding them to make journals for my momma, my sis and two close friends (and myself as well!). Your pages are so wonderful!

  10. Thanks so much, Liberty, Jana, Aimee, Jessi J., Tinypleasures, Amy K and Meg, for the sharing your thoughts and journaling routines!

  11. wow, this actually made me a bit teary-eyed. this is an amazing idea! i love your pages, but have just been collecting them thus far. i may utilize this idea...thanks for sharing.

  12. I just adore this sentiment and enjoy your pages. I too have copied them and saving them up to start a journal for my grandchildren to have when they get older. I don't get see them much and this will be a way in which they will get to know who their Nana is. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us.

  13. Thanks so much. I was just wondering to gather them, but I think I would need a cover. Any suggestion?

  14. Just found you today via One Pretty Thing. Thanks so much for offering such fun journal sheets for free! I spent the evening printing the bordered, non-colored sheets on cardstock, front and back. I plan on sorta random-like (maybe every 10 days or so? 365 days/37 sheets) throughout 2011 filling them out as a snapshot of my life, then putting them in a binder for my children.

    Our church teaches us we ought to journal for our future generations. I used to love to write, until my mom read my journal and I got in trouble for things I had written in it. I'm thinking this will be a non-threatening way to get back in the swing of keeping a journal, and hopefully become a keepsake for my children.

    So, thank you, again. :) I look forward to seeing what the future brings to you and your blog!


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