Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stopping by for a chat . . .

Today feels like a day to post in point form, which I don't think I've done before, so let's give it a go, shall we?

  • This is the border I've been working for this week's journal page:

  • This might be the colour version . . . haven't decided yet:
        • Whenever I call anyone, even my mom, I always ask if it's a good time to chat. Giving people an out; that's what I do.  I had a friend at school who used to start all of her telephone conversations with, "Sorry to pester you, but . . . "  My version, I think, is the slightly less spineless one.

        • And with that in mind, I've been making a tentative return to the world of Twitter.  Still very shy with the whole @soandso conversation thing.  In fact, I've only ever @ed anyone who @ed me first.  I'm also shy about RTing.  And forget about DMing.  But I'm totally going to work on all of those things.  And I used my first #hashtag thingy today.  Most mornings for the next little while, you'll find me on Twitter giving myself pep talks ('cause that's what Twitter feels like when you don't @ or RT or DM; it's like talking to yourself.)  Yesterday, I went with a quote from Finding Nemo.  I can totally hear Ellen DeGeneres's voice . . . "When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."  Today's quote is all about clubbing inspiration over the head or something along those lines.  Good fun. 

              • I've also been looking into finally putting my pages into some sort of book form.  Not the pages I've already created, though.  New pages.  Like a journal.  Well journal-sized anyway.  Something in the neighbourhood of 8.5"x5.5" with nifty wire binding.  I've spoken to one printer who I'm pretty sure was not into the whole fill-in-the-blank journal scene.  Looking back on our conversation, she kept trying to steer me toward less expensive options.  "If you want colour, that will cost a lot.  If you want a thick cover, that will cost more.  If you want nifty wire binding, that will cost you your weight in gold.  If you want pages smaller than letter-sized, I'm afraid you'll have to hand over your firstborn to pay for paper cutting."  (I am paraphrasing a little here.)  After working out the most cost-effective version, I realized that the journal will be cheap, but it will also be ugly.  And that is just sad.  So it's back to the yellow pages and the drawing board.  That's not to say that I'm daunted in any way.  I'd like to make my first non-virtual, niftily bound, carry-it-with-you-and-fill-it-out-while-you-wait-for-hours-at-the-doctor's-office, journal-sized journal a reality in early January. 

                    • And that's about it for points.  I'm out.  What about you?  What exciting new projects have you been up to?


                      1. a journal would be cool! and yep they are so out there in price!!!

                        I was scared to do much on twitter but now I'm a pro ;) not really but its fun more fun then facebook I think!!!

                      2. A journal would be so neat and yes the prices are up there. How about a small size binder where one could put the pages in. I have a few half size white binder that even has a pocket for the cover sheet, just a thought.

                      3. Check into online printhouses, they have lower overhead. I've used for postcards, I've used for photos. I have friends who have used Shutterfly.

                      4. That bums me out about the printer. I really think it is a genius idea, and would totally buy it. I wish you luck, and wish I knew a printer. I'd tell him/her what a great idea is.

                      5. Hi Wonderland, Sandy, Raederle and Lovely Lizzy!

                        Wonderland - I guess it just takes a bit of practice. Glad to hear it's more fun than Facebook because I don't think I'm cut out for Facebook. :)

                        Sandy - I hadn't considered a binder. Thanks for the suggestion!

                        Raederle - Thanks for the info! Are you able to talk to a real person at those places or is it all online?

                        Lizzy - Thanks, Lizzy! Don't be bummed out; I'm absolutely not giving up on this!

                      6. Wow - a real, hold in your hands book (journal)!? How exciting! I hope you are able to find a printer who will work with you & your ideas, it sounds amazing!

                      7. What a great projet! I hope it pans out!! (:

                      8. Expressing yourself in bullets I understand. "@soandso, RTing, DMing" I'm way behind the times (or maybe my social circle just isn't big enough). Oh, am I in trouble when my kids figure out whatever it is and I don't know how to do it.

                        Your journal project sounds very exciting. Would an office supply store (Kinkos or the like) be another place to inquire? If they couldn't do it, maybe someone there could suggest a local printer who wouldn't try to deter you from your goal.

                      9. That would be awesome! I truly hope your dream of a printed journal comes to fruition.


                      10. Hi Laura, Meg, Scribbler and Amy K!

                        Laura - Thanks! I'm sure I'll find a printer; it's just a matter of time. :)

                        Meg - Thanks!

                        Scribbler - I know exactly what you mean! The @s (talking to other twitterers) and the RTs (retweeting others' messages) and the DMs (direct messages to other twitterers) can be intimidating. There's a certain etiquette involved and I don't want to mess it up. But I also have the feeling that, as Wonderland said, it'll be lots of fun once I get used to it.

                        Amy K - Thanks! I'll keep you posted. :)

                      11. Can't wait until I can buy it on! :)

                      12. I absolutely love the fill in the blank format. I think that is why you have such a large following because you really know what we busy folks need. I love the current size of pages.. you are able to fit some many fun tidbits into each page (fill in the blanks, lists, lightning round, quotes and so much more!!). What if you sold the journal as a pack of pages that could be inserted into a binder. It saves us having to print them off ourselves and then we can put the pages in any order we chose.. so if one day we want to do one certain page and another day a totally different page then WE individually can decide on the order of all journal pages. I have to have a journal in chronological order... but my mood each day varies so that will effect which page I want to do. Please keep the variety in your pages. It makes journal keeping so much more fun and I actually look forward to what I get to fill out each day.
                        You are so amazing!

                      13. How exciting! I hope you find a way to package the book like you would like. It would definitely be a hit, I'm sure! Good luck!


                      14. I would love to see the journal in a carry-along size. Your pages are amazing!

                        A friend suggested you might try self-publishing some journals, using a purchased hole punch and matching combs. While not as sturdy as wire ring bindings, the comb binding would allow you to get your journal out there, prove sales to a publishing company, and then maybe a publisher would pick up the tab. (You never know.)

                        Keep us posted on what happens.

                      15. I agree with The Baroness - if they were sold as a pack of 1/2 size sheets that we could insert into a planner or journal that would be great! Have you thought about partnering with a company like Daytimer or Franklin Covey? I just love these pages!

                      16. Thanks so much, everyone!

                        I am loving your suggestions! You have given me so much to think about and, as usual, you've opened new avenues of possibility for me. I was leaning toward bound journals, but perhaps now both bound and unbound versions are in order. I'll keep you posted!

                      17. I love your journal pages and your idea for a size that could be easily toted along is a great one. I do like the suggestion of awesome pages in a ringed binder. I hope you keep trying, I really think you will be successful. You have a beautiful talent.

                      18. I think your fill-in-the-blank format is so awesome - people would buy it for sure!

                        I really like knowing that you ask people if it's a good time to chat :)
                        I often feel disrespected when people don't ask that and it's so nice when someone does!

                      19. have you looked into

                        you can self publish books on their site. All different sizes and styles.

                        check it out


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