Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something. Anything.

Write something.  Anything.  A list is easy.

  • I woke to a lovely snowfall this morning.  Giant, meandering flakes drifting ever downwards, muffling all of the city noises.  Something to smile about.
  • Have I ever mentioned that I'm left handed?  I've always loved being a lefty.  My mom taught me how to knit and crochet the right handed way, but I ended up holding my needles and hooks in an unconventional manner and had to figure out how to make it work.  Every once in a while, being left handed gently reminds me that we all have a bunch of these quirks, these largely inconsequential differences that are there to teach us how to adapt and adjust and view the world from a unique perspective.  I love that.
  • In addition to being left handed, I am the world's worst voice mail messenger.  Something about that beep sends me into a panicky tail spin.  Incoherency takes over, followed by nervous giggles.  Please don't ever ask me to call and leave a message.

Draw something.  Anything.  A doodle, a happy face, the stick figure from the hangman game even.

  • Here are a new little box and frame that may appear soon on a journal page near you: 

More to come . . .

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Your comment about the voice mail messages had me laughing so hard my kids came in to see if I was ok. That was well put. Thanks for that extra hard laugh...I know have a little pep to get dinner going :)

  2. I love your site very much! I will be visiting it everyday. :)

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jennifer and Nathalie!

  4. I love your site and check it regularly for updates. Your post today made me smile, because my two sons were going to be lefty and grandma made them write with right hand. My 3rd little guy is lefty to and thank goodness grandma is no where in site to change it, because he is perfect just the way he is. I love him being a lefty.

  5. You're too funny!

    Great new journaling box design you've shared.

  6. Thanks so much, Sandy and Amy K! Sandy, glad to have made you smile!

  7. Oh, now I really want you to call and leave me a message! ;-) Just as hard as leaving that message (I get more flustered when I get the actual person and I had myself all prepared to leave the message), is doing anything. Yay you!

  8. I SO understand about the answering machine thing. I have had to hang up, call back and try again before because I was so incoherent!

  9. I love the box and frame SO MUCH!
    I can relate about voice mail... but I don't giggle unfortunately. Giggling may make it fun for the listener! I admit that as soon as I read your description, I wanted to ask you to leave me a voice mail LOL! I love giggling :-)


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