Friday, February 11, 2011

New journal page, take 2

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.


Let's try this again!  I'm back today to write a proper introduction to this week's new journal page.

As I mentioned yesterday, the new page includes possibly my favourite prompt yet:  

After 38 pages of diligent introspection, I think it's about high time to write about our total awesomeness!  Personally, I suck at this.  I can think of a hundred things about myself that require urgent improvement, but the awesome stuff . . . that's under lock and key somewhere deep in the recesses of my brain.

And why?  That's something I've been wondering about for quite some time.  Actually, if I'm honest with myself, I haven't really been wondering.  Yeah, I know why.  It's a confidence thing.  Maybe I'm not awesome at anything.  Maybe I'm not awesome at all.

Except that I would never, ever, ever accept that answer from anyone else I know.  Not for one second.  I would sit with that person and talk to that person until they could see all of the awesomeness that I saw.

So enough of that confidence garbage.  Time to shrug off the inner doubter and acknowledge that, hey, there are a few things I do really well.  When I look hard, without unproductive self-criticism, I see -- even if only in glimpses, fragments, ghostly apparitions -- crap, I almost can't write this -- awesome creativity, some awesome parenting moments and some awesome flashes of empathy.

There.  Deep breath.


I totally qualified those last two things, but enough progress for today.

Moving on.

As soon as I finish this post, I'm skipping right to number three on today's to-do list.  It will involve sugar and caffeine and a strong probability of reality television.

If you're still with me, the whole page looks startlingly like the one in this last photo:

If you missed yesterday's post, the links to the new page are here (border-free) and here (borderful and colour-free) and here (borderful and colourful).

And if you have a sec, please stop by and tell me all about your awesomeness! 

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Love your journal pages, they are absolutely adorable. Thanks for being so gracious and sharing with us.

    I was tickled pink to see you stop by my blog and comment.

  2. Christie, you are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!

    You're sweet and generous and just plain fun.

    Never doubt the awesomeness of all that you do for us and for your family. {{huggs}}

  3. thanks for this new journal page!!

    And... I'm awesome because...
    kids love me
    dogs love me
    i cook like a goddess!! (:

  4. LOVE IT!!!

    Let's see...I'm awesome in the kitchen, as a mother, and as a friend. :)

    Thanks for the confidence boost (you're right, it is certainly not easy to admit that stuff)...

  5. Don't ever under-estimate yourself! Of course, you are so talented and I bet in more ways than we can see.

    I am an awesome Grandmother, you know why? My grandmother wasn't and I was determined I would never, EVER, be like her! So there! I am loving, kind, giving, gentle, warm, generous, did I say Loving? Yes, all the things grandmothers are suppose to be, that is ME!

    That is not the only way I identify myself but today, that is what I choose to brag about.

  6. Hi Sandy, Tammy, Meg, Stephanie and Makellar!

    Sandy - Thanks so much!

    Tammy - Hugs to you too. Awesome pep talk. (Loved reading that you think I'm fun. Still smiling about that!)

    Meg - Thanks so much for sharing your awesomeness. I love your list, you goddess you!

    Stephanie - It's really hard, isn't it? I'm so happy that you shared your awesomeness here!

    Makellar - Brag on! I love your commitment to being awesome. Lucky, lucky grandchildren!

  7. Yay, what a cute page! And, I like the sentiment. I mean, there will always be someone that's better at us than something, B U T, that means we are just as awesome at something as someone else. ^_^

    So, I will say that: I am an awesome singer! For not being professionally trained, I can rock those Soprano notes. ('Course, even though I know this, I still get so nervous singing solos. And, of course, I have to be humble. I will, right after this. ^_^)

  8. Thanks, Gabby, for stopping by to sing your awesomeness!

  9. Christie you are totally awesome!
    (you can add awesome smile to your list - your new photo is dazzling and made me grin back right away! :-)

    I loved every word of your post and this part especially moved me: "Except that I would never, ever, ever accept that answer from anyone else I know. Not for one second. I would sit with that person and talk to that person until they could see all of the awesomeness that I saw."
    Yet another example of your awesomeness. What an awesome person you are to do that :-)
    Sensitive and loving, kind and caring!

    Okay... time to battle my own confidence demons.
    my awesomeness... I can always find something to love in a person and I can always find some positive in even awful things. I treat animals with respect. I am always considerate of other people's feeling (ok not always with those closest to me but most of the time :) I can sew without patterns or pinning (I hate patterns! I hate pinning! LOL!)
    My insecure demons have been listing all the things wrong with me this whole time so I obviously need to work on this!
    I'm looking forward to doing this page.
    I loved seeing the markers in the photo. I had never been sure if you coloured by hand or digitally... now I'm really impressed to know it was markers!

  10. Great idea, I cant wait to sit down with the fam with this! This is going to be great for my DGS who has ADHD and struggles with self confidence. Thank You!!!

  11. I love these pages...I am so disappointed my printer doesn't have ink today, otherwise I'd be printing like mad and filling these out! Thanks so much for your AWESOME creations!!!!!!!

  12. Love your journal pages!!! Thanks for sharing but I can't download them. Where can I download them in an easy way? Please help me!

    Thanks K

  13. Hi Karen,

    I just checked and was able to download pages without difficulty, so I'm not sure what's up, but if you could send me an email at christie(at)graceisoverrated(dot)com I'm sure we can sort it out!

  14. Hi Christie, I got to your blog via a Pin on Pinterest and love your journaling pages. However, I couldn't download them and would love to be able to. They are perfect for my Daily Life. Any chance I could get them? email me if you can. Again, love your work.


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