Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Release the toads!

On Monday afternoon, a wee creature hitched a ride home from school with our youngest.

Isn't he sweet?  Don't you just want to hold him and pet him and keep him forever?  (If you'd like to be my five year old's best friend, the answer is yes.)

Alas, it was not to be.  After a short, but decisive, discussion regarding the toad's well-being and presumed lifestyle preferences, we returned him to his home in luxury transportation.

Our hero, back in his natural habitat.  (At left.)

Our girls, in their natural habitat, ensuring the continued survival of the dandelion, via exhaustive seed dispersal.

A pretty branch.

The end.

Hope your Wednesday is full of adventure!



  1. My little guy (4 years old) also likes to make sure that dandelions will replicate and take over the world. He had a great time walking through the small overgrown park at the end of our street, stomping around to make them loose their puffs. The simple joys of childhood!

    1. Hi Silverlotus! They're basically irresistible, those puffy dandelions. Sounds like a delightful walk. :)


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