Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm still searching for that magic posting format that will make it easier to post on a regular basis.  So today I've cooked up a new scheme based on three prompts:  working on, thinking about, and doodling.  Updates and doodles, yep, that just might work.

Working on:  Pocket Journal no. 2

Still making incremental progress and plugging away at every opportunity.  I'm hoping the file will be ready to send to the printer by the end of September.

Thinking about:  My friend, who is still having such a difficult time

Her situation reminds me of the one that many new parents face.  The baby arrives, everyone is overjoyed, and family and friends arrive in great numbers with gifts and food and helping hands.  After a few days, maybe a few weeks, family members and friends return to their busy lives and the new parents are left with the overwhelming reality of caring for an infant.

Even as traumatic as my friend's first few months in Canada were, they were dynamic -- terrifying, but dynamic -- and there were people who sympathized and many who could help.  Now, with the initial settlement piece completed, most of those people and their agencies have moved on to other terrified newcomers and my friend is looking down a long, lonely road.  I am doing my best to offer her some company and a helping hand as she walks that road.  But it is hard.  And sad.  And worrying.

So it was lovely today, after a difficult few days, to mix some pure, bright colours and put brush to sketchbook with no plan in mind.

Doodling: Circles and stripes in watercolour

I dunno.  Just reacquainting myself with my paint colours.  In circles.  And stripes.

Wishing you bright colours and happy doodles!



  1. I'm really looking forward to the second journal.

    I hope things improve for your friend. It is wonderful that you are there to help her out as much as you can.

  2. I'm inspired by your fun art work! I think I may go and get my little paint box out. I can't draw AT ALL, but I'd have fun doing some pretty, colourful circles!!! :-)
    I hope that the situation improves for your friend.....

  3. I love the bright little circles and lines! SO cute...


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