Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Working on, thinking about, doodling

Working on:  My Emmy acceptance speech

Kidding.  Still plugging away at the second pocket journal.

I've also been working on getting to know my camera a little better.  I began a six-week photography course last week and the homework involved using the ISO, shutter speed and aperture settings.  After completing the homework, I have so many questions.

I cannot wait until that magical point when my brain stops resisting all of this new information and begins to integrate it.  Can't wait until I know how to make all of the individual settings work together.  If all goes well, there will be new and improved product shots in my shop's future.

Thinking about:  Consistency, practice, patience, work-life balance, work-community involvement balance, fatigue, numbers, the absence of numbers, creativity, isolation, social networks, innovation, uniqueness, stubbornness, guidance.

You know, the usual.  It's all a bit of a jumble, so I'm letting my subconscious take first crack at it.

Doodling: Yet another of life's cheeky lessons.

It's that last part that takes a little getting used to.


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  1. Love all of these, and oh man, can I relate! Keep us posted on the photography class! I have been meaning to do the same for far too long, myself...need to "just do it"...


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