Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Right here right now and Treasure your muchness (Doodle giveaway - parts four and five)

These recent posts, in which I've been doodling my thoughts, have been a bit of a departure from my usual journal fare, but they've been huge for me.

I was stuck.

I didn't know where my guided journals were headed, but now I do.  I wasn't sure how I wanted to proceed, but now I am.

This little side trip, this exercise of playing with thoughts and words in ways I haven't tried before, has helped me to see my existing journals in a new light and to imagine new paths for my prompts, my pages, and all sorts of new journal projects.  Finally, I'm ready to get back to journaling and I have A LOT planned.  There will be some changes, some new printables, and new additions to the shop.  Something for everyone, I hope. 

So, today will mark the last day of my doodle note giveaway, with my two last cards, and then it's full speed ahead on the journal front. 

Which brings us to the final two doodle thought note cards.  The first is a reminder that right here, right now is a fabulous place to start.  It goes to Mary Renee (busyknittymom), a mom of 5 who wrote that she never met a needlecraft she didn't like.

The second card is a reminder to be all that we are, which never fails to inspire me.  It goes to Margot/NZ, who wrote about her passion for scrapbooking, which she pursues when she's not working at her local library or in her olive grove.  Olive grove!  In my northern climate, there are no olive groves.  Up here, at this time of year, it's all about the apple orchards.

Mary Renee and Margot/NZ, if you'd be so kind as to send a quick note with your mailing addresses to christie(at)graceisoverrated(dot)com, I'll put your notes in the mail.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to leave a comment for this giveaway.  I hope you'll stay tuned for the new adventures in guided journaling to come!



  1. You have inspired me and my current thought is:

    "I am Resilient, no longer a victim, more than a survivor" now if I only had time to make it look pretty.....

  2. More great work! Did you take a calligraphy class or do you have naturally "cool" writing?

  3. Woo Hoo! Thank you SO MUCH! I will start stalking the postman! It's lovely to have won this beautiful card (and I absolutely endorse the sentiment).
    Glad that your journal project is moving along again - sometimes we just need to do something else for a while and let things percolate in our brains.

  4. You never fail to inspire. All of the doodles have been excellent reminders for everyday life.

  5. Christie,
    Thank you so much! The card arrived and has been such a bright spot, seeing it on the sideboard so cheery, as well as reading your kind note. I'm so glad you picked my name :) Do you sell sets of these cards? I have sent the two cards you enclosed to favourite friends to brighten their days also. Mary Renee


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