Monday, October 1, 2012

Shine on my friend (Doodle giveaway - part two)

Happy Monday, friends!

I'm stopping by today to show you my second doodle thought note card:

I'm very happy to announce (thanks to the random number generator at that I'll be sending it out to lisbonlioness who wrote about her recent discovery of a very unfortunate allergy.  I sincerely hope that you're feeling better these days, lisbonlioness, and if you'll send me a quick email with your mailing address to christie(at)graceisoverrated(dot)com, I'll get that doodle out to you post haste.  I hope it brightens your day.

On Wednesday, I'll be back to show you my next note card and to announce who'll receive it.  Until then, here is a peek at an idea that might make it to card form.  We'll see . . .

If you're just learning about my doodle note project and would like to enter your name to receive a hand drawn, handwritten note in your mailbox, there's still time to pop on over to this post and leave a comment.

See you back here on Wednesday!



  1. Love your talent! Have you ever drawn your doodle with water based pens (Elegant Writer, Scwan-Stabilo, or Flair) and then washed it with water and brush? It gives a wonderfully different look. Once it dries it will not bleed a second time so you can watercolor over it. Final step is to add the final doodling that you do not want watered.
    Just another technique!

  2. If curiosity didn't reign...what a boring place it would be. ;-)

    Happy October to you my friend and many autumn hugs!

  3. I really like how you did the Shine On quote! You should consider selling prints of your quotes. :)


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