Friday, January 25, 2013

Stickers and stuff . . .

Still working on stickers over here.  To-do lists, lightning rounds, random prompts, goal trackers, quotes.  These mock-ups are larger than the last batch, so there's a bit more room for prompts and responses, which I really like.

I think I'll probably rework the smaller stickers with fun, "one thing" prompts that you can dash off in no time at all or use as an opener for lengthier reflections.

Also, I've been missing the tactile satisfaction of working with my hands on crafty projects.  All of my work-time lately is spent on the computer.  I think I might have come up with a way to combine dual journal and crafting passions.

What do you think about this:  a handmade, hand bound pocket journal with actual pockets?

Still thinking it through, but I can see so many possibilities, so many ways to incorporate new prompts, and there will still be plenty of opportunities to add your own colour and doodles.  So exciting to think about!

Wishing you a happy weekend, friends. :)



  1. Oh, a homemade, hand bound journal. I like that idea very much. You know I like crafty things, though. :)

  2. Hi, your printable journal pages are really beautiful thank you so much for sharing all this stuff. Books sound great, I'm big into handmade books! Nina

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these reimagined pages!! I've just started journaling for the first time and I'm using your beautifully designed prompts as a way to help fill in pages! You can see how I'm using your prompts here:

    Thanks again!


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