Monday, March 25, 2013

One creative thing - Day 13

Today's creative thing: A cookie cutter.

The original cookie cutter is a shiny tin one from my cupboard, but I've found that it's such fun to paint things in alternate colours.

It feels like there's a theme emerging here. It feels wonderfully familiar, I think, because it resembles the themes that are at the core of my journal pages: celebrating the little things, noticing the overlooked things, and finding beauty in the ordinary things.

I'd really like to turn the idea of these tiny paintings into a new journal project. I think I know how, but it's going to be a little unconventional. Possibly, it's a bit too unconventional, but I'll never know if I don't try.


  1. Any time I need a pause in my busy workday I look you up and see what you're up to. When I inevitably have to get back to the pile on my desk, my mind is reset and I can think again...hopefully a little differently than when I left it.
    Your little sister, Kirsten

    1. Hello little sister! So nice to read your note. I know that you stop by often; it means the world to have your support. :)

  2. I am amazed at the dimension in this teeny lil painting. so well done. I love eavesdropping on your journey.

    Meg in Minnesota

    1. Thanks, Madameplushbottom! Glad to have you eavesdropping. :)


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