Thursday, March 28, 2013

One creative thing - Day 16

Today's creative thing: A mortar and pestle.

It's a little scary how much I am enjoying these mini watercolour experiments. I love mixing the colours and swirling them around on glistening paper. I love wandering around my house, trying to decide which object to select. It has been delightful. I will have to get back to journaling at some point, possibly next week. I have several revised pages ready and waiting to be launched, but I want to make a few changes before I do. Change is in the air.

For now though, we're on the cusp of a holiday weekend around here. My girls have arrived home from school for the day and aren't due back until Tuesday, so one creative thing will break for a short intermission.

Happy weekend, friends. See you on Tuesday.


  1. oh, christie -- I love this piece! It is such an unexpected prop for a still life and so well done! frame :)

  2. Question - do you pencil first, and erase lines later?

    1. Hi Naomi! Yes, pencil first, very lightly. I haven't been erasing after I paint because I don't want to cause a blemish on the paper. So very, very light pencil. On some of the paintings I can still see faint pencil marks here and there, but I don't mind them at all. They kind of add something to the finished work. :)


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