Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Ways to follow through on your goals

Okay. So. Wow, I'm a little nervous, guys. This is the finished graphic that I mentioned here and here:

For ages, one of my goals has been to improve my lettering. I absolutely adore anything handwritten and I would love to be able to add more hand-lettered variety to my guided journals. This graphic came about not only as a way to work on my lettering, but also as a reminder of some of the ways I can continue to follow through on this goal.

1. Divide and Conquer - I know my lettering won't improve without a lot of practice. So far, I am nowhere near the level I hope to achieve some day, but the best way to get there is to take it one step at a time, i.e. find one little thing I'm keen to write about (goal-setting definitely fits the bill!) and do it, then pick another little something and write about that next. And so on and so on. I have faith that I will see improvement if I just keep at it.

2. Put Fear in its Place - As I write this post, my heart is thumping and my palms are clammy. There's a little voice in my head suggesting not so gently that I probably shouldn't post this. The composition is not what it should be, the lettering looks amateurish, the colour scheme needs work, . . . But whatever, stupid voice. I'm posting anyway. This is the place where I try stuff out. This is where I come to fail, if necessary. If I wait until I'm not scared, I'll never post again.

3. Expect Setbacks - Yep, stuff gets in the way. Available working hours are few, interruptions are many, crises of self-confidence are frequent. That's life. The only imperative is never to give up.

4. Learn Along the Way - This has been the best part so far. I finally figured out how to scan a drawing and colour it digitally in Illustrator. I have lots more to learn on that subject, but it feels awesome to add a new tool to the kit.

 5. Shout if From the Rooftops - And here we are. This is my rooftop. This is where I pledge to make my goals a reality.

That's my story for now. What goal have you pledged to follow through on?


  1. This is a lovely graphic - and although you might see only the faults in your writing, the rest of us see something much better than we could do!

  2. I love the view from your rooftop! Shout it, baby!

  3. Amazing! I thought it was printed out until you said you wrote all of it by hand. Amazing!

    Found your blog when someone mentioned it on the fb group smashbookaholics

  4. As soon as I saw your "graphic" my first thought was "That's so awesome, I should print it out and hang it up!" To think you did it by hand astounds me. While you may think you need more practice (practise?) I think you are already amazing. You can only go up from here. :)


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