Friday, July 4, 2014

I wish the zeal may but last

I love today's quote so much that I made a little watercolour note of it in my sketchbook.

Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott wrote in his journal on November 21, 1825 at age 54:

"I am enamoured of my journal. I wish the zeal may but last."

Wishing you much zeal in the keeping of your journal!

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  1. Walt Scott connected with Buccleuch has been flabergasted whenever he or she seen what is this great connected with Kinmont's having. Kinmont got i went to the actual 'Day connected with Truce' in Buccleuch's behest and help in crosswords Scott expended virtually no time in writing on the Uk government bodies in Carlisle requiring the launch.

  2. Grace is overrated? I can journal with the best of them. Even taught a few classes on it. Grace is exactly in the SUPPLY THAT IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME. I am not equipped with grace for your victories and defeats your education and wisdim, I am equipped with grace enough to be perfectly me. Did I make any conclusion that is not correct? Grace is why so many people who need help with this area you have a great passion for, nothing is overrated by grace enough to get the first word down on paper.


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