Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sticky notes

I've been thinking a lot about the ideas that inspire me to journal. One day, not too long ago, in order to sort through them, I got out a bunch of sticky notepads and started writing.

It began simply enough with the words discovery, connection, and thoughts into action (up in top left corner of the photo) and, quite unexpectedly, a sticky note mosaic sprung to life on the wall behind my desk. It's not a permanent installation, as each square is doing its darnedest to peel itself from the wall, but it has been a welcome (and colourful) reminder of the many possibilities that every journal holds -- as a place to experiment with new ideas, commit and re-commit to projects new and old, work through fears, build courage, play with colour and curiosity, and to create an enduring record of the experiences in between. All of them, opportunities to inspire.


  1. Absolutely lovely. I think it's worthy of framing. Your handwriting is beautiful!

  2. Your sticky notes are very inspiring. I love them for so many things. I tend to be a creative organizer with my time (ahem, you can add space cadet) so if I have a really important task, I will keep my goals on them through out the house, I stick love notes to my children, but as artwork with inspiring clever! I would love to "actually" do an art journal but so far, I've read about doing one and I have looked at lots of pretty ones. Perhaps, I should put that on sticky notes :)

    1. Thanks so much, Tawn! Sticky notes are the best. Your love notes sound so sweet. :) If you'd like to try a sample journal page or two (which are already drawn up and full of prompts and ready for you to add your thoughts and your colours), you are welcome to give my pages a try. There are free printables right here on the blog, just follow the link to "printable journal pages" in the right sidebar. Best wishes and happy journaling!

  3. Hi! I really like this picture. Would you mind if I used it on my personal blog?

  4. Hi Christie, I think this is such a creative idea! I'm constantly writing little reminders to myself on sticky notes and sticking them to my desk. Instead of writing errands, I think I'll try writing little positive notes like these to myself. :)


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