Thursday, October 1, 2015

A newsletter and a new guided journal series -- all in one

What is your general approach to life? What drives you? What are you really good at? What are the moments you never, ever want to forget? What makes you smile on even the darkest day? How do you decide what's important and what can be disregarded? How do you use your voice in the world? How do you convince yourself to keep at it when nothing seems to be working? How do you celebrate your successes?

It's certainly trite to say that it's trite to say that life is complicated . . . but it is. Complicated, I mean. And even so, a certain amount of complication is good. It keeps things interesting. It keeps us on our toes. It forces us to rise to challenges and make good use of our many strengths (and then to feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment when we do.) But complicated lives require navigational tools. And if you know me at all, you'll know that I recommend a good journaling session every now and then to check in, poke around, gauge progress, brainstorm and make plans.

I fiercely believe that journaling is a tool for positive and constructive action and this forms the foundation for a new project I'll be starting next week: a newsletter. I'll be sharing updates, journaling tips and works in progress. I'll also occasionally include new guided journal printables before they're available anywhere else.

To start things off, each week for the first ten weeks, I'll be sharing a new page from a free, printable series that asks the question, Why journal? In it, I'll give you ten good reasons to give journaling a try. (If you've already given journaling a try, I hope this series will spark new and fun ways to approach your journals.)

Here's a pic of the first page, Good Reason #1:

If you'd like to subscribe to my newsletter, simply click here to be taken to the signup form. Alternatively, you can click the button at the top of the right sidebar of my website.

I hope you'll join me for this new adventure in guided journaling!


  1. Great post! I'm going to think about those questions in the first paragraph when I'm away from this screen. Newsletter sounds great, can't wait!

    1. Thank you, Laura! I'm so happy to read that those questions resonated with you. Hope you'll love the newsletter. :)

  2. Help! I'm being dense here, but I can't find the link to download the 1st four reasons?

    1. Hi Ida -- Here's the link:

      Happy journaling!


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