Monday, January 25, 2016

Journaling your goals - part 1

It's up! The first page of my new journal series went out with my newsletter last Thursday and I thought I'd talk about it a bit here, too, since journaling and goal setting are such happy partners.
For me, the first step to journaling your goals is the Pre-Goal Consultation (with yourself). It's your chance to get to know your goals, to organize and prioritize them, and ultimately, to decide which goals you are passionate about pursuing and committed to achieving.

It all starts with a simple, yet time-honoured journaling technique: the list. Start by writing a list of the things you want to accomplish. Then, evaluate your list, looking for connections, opportunities, and priorities.

With a little time and consideration, you'll be well on your way to completing the Pre-Goal Consultation (with yourself) (free of charge!). You'll have written down and critically reviewed your goals. That is truly the first step.

Because these will likely be complex matters, your goals. They won't always be easy and they won't necessarily present themselves with obvious courses of action or clear solutions. But don't let the challenge deter you. You are the driving force here and that is a very good thing. You are not a bystander in your life; you are an active participant. You get to decide which goals to pursue, how you will pursue them, and what success will look like.

Your journal will be the perfect place for the purposeful reflection that will help you achieve your goals. It will be a valuable tool along the way.

If you missed it the first newsletter, you can find it here. You can also sign up to have next week's newsletter delivered straight to your inbox (top left corner of the newsletter page). I can't wait to share the next page!

Best wishes and happy journaling!

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