Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Links: What do you collect?

Are you a collector? Until today, I would have said that I am not. I've never seen myself as someone who collects items related to a theme. My youngest daughter, by comparison, is obsessed with owls. She has amassed quite a large collection of owl-related items including owl softies, a wide variety of clothing and accessories with owl graphics and motifs, a growing library of books about owls, and even several owl pellets. (Eww.)

Recently, however, I've found myself drawn to photos of other people's collections and I thought it might be fun to share a few links with you. To accompany the post, I set to work to see if I could create a collection of my own.

In my collection below, there are all sorts of things related to my creative adventures. There are paints and markers, yarns and threads, clips and pushpins, my little booklet of confidence, and some of my experiments with watercolour, paper embroidery, and crochet.

After some thought, I've decide that I am a bit of a collector. I collect colourful art supplies so that I'll have lots of opportunities to create colourful things -- all of which make me happy. Neat!

Here are five links to wonderfully imaginative collections to inspire you this week:

* Emily Blincoe's arrangements,
* Fiona Watson's unwritten book,
* Lisa Congdon's daily collections,
* Hanna Nyman's botanical paper compositions, and
* Ann Wood's drawers.

Tell me, what do you collect?


  1. As a child I collected many things, spoons, stamps, shells, etc. I find that I still collect things without even thinking about it, vintage sewing items, pincushions, thimbles :) Skye

    1. Hi, Skye! Your collections sound lovely! Such tools and accessories always remind me of the love, skill and hard work that goes into each and every sewing project. :)

  2. I collect miniature lighthouses, magnets from places I've visited, and memorabilia. I still have my miniature ceramic animal collection from my childhood, which includes lots of dinosaurs!!!

    1. Hi, ckcpurple! I love that you collect from the places you've visited. There's something about lighthouses -- the light in the night to guide us through rocky seas. How wonderful that you still have your ceramic animal collection -- dinosaurs and all!


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