Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Links

Hello, fellow journalers!

What are you up to this week? What sorts of creative adventures are you planning?

Me, I've become a little obsessed with stitching on paper. I'm really enjoying the rhythm of the stitches, the challenge of working with different papers in new ways, and the thrill of experimenting without using words. My most recent stitches started off as scribbles, but they also look like florets from some angles, which I did not expect. Who knows where it will lead?

Here are a few links to inspire your own creative adventures this week:

* the meticulously patterned sketchbook of Angela Chan,
* the delightful and insightful daily illustrations of Mari Andrew,
* this awesomely doodled printable colouring page by Alisa Burke,
* these colourful art journal spreads by Megan at Baltering Life, and
* these lively letters and notes from Callie Hegstrom.

Happy Monday, friends!

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