Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wednesday Journal Prompt

Hello fellow journalers!

I'm still posting daily journal prompts over at Facebook and Instagram and now here, too!

Today's prompt is all about the things you do, talk about, and think about almost every day. I'll add my answers in the comments. What's on your list?

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  1. Three things I do almost every day: (1) make or design something journal-related, (2) pick up after my youngest who is a clutter machine (we are working on it), and (3) journal!

    Three things I talk about almost every day: (1) what we'll have for dinner (an almost daily conversation with my husband that has become very funny over the years as we each try to get the other to volunteer for the job), (2) keeping up with a busy family schedule (also a never ending conversation), (3) the ups and downs of our days.

    Three things I think about almost every day: (1) my goals and how to achieve them, (2) finding the upside of every challenge in some way (staying positive when things don't feel positive), (3) the weather (it's all about the weather here in Southern Ontario).


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