Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wee photo tour

Husband and I got ourselves a new camera for our birthdays this year.  It's a digital SLR with lots of buttons.  Buttons all over it with little pictures that probably mean something to actual photographers.

My plan for today's post was to wander around the house all stylist-like and take some amazing shots which I could then use to describe all sorts of neat things about our family life and interests and so on and so forth.

Um, not so much.

It turns out that we have clutter that is in no way diminished when viewed via computer screen.  We also have a lot of bare wall space and I can't find any buttons on the camera with little pictures of clutter or bare walls to fix either problem.  So what follows is... not all that much, taken with a crackerjack camera on auto mode.

We begin at the kitchen table which features my daughters' early morning activities: paint and play doh.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  This is where we cook and eat and bake and do homework and make stuff and fry up blueberry pancakes on Sunday mornings.

In your mind's eye, picture the rest of the kitchen:
  • a white fridge and dishwasher covered in letter magnets, drawings and photos;
  • a black oven with white stove top (the glass on the inside of the oven is cracked, but it still works);
  • a beige-ish counter top which is a little more beige in the place where we make our tea each night;
  • oak-veneered cabinets and two stainless steel sinks. 
Try not to picture all the crap on the counter top -- dishes, coffee makers, tea towels, random sheets of paper from school and activities, packs of spearmint gum and 5 cent Canadian Tire bills. 

Next we move to a corner of the living/family room, where some of my knitted things are.  See that huge gap between the shelves?  We're planning on fixing that.  At some point.  The living room is our tribute to the fine designers at Ikea.  Taupe ektorp couch, navy ektorp arm chairs and wall to wall billy bookcases.

This is the view under my seven-year-old daughter's bed.  It describes this stage of her life so well:  the most grown-up shoes she's ever owned (see the rhinestones?) flanked by two of her stuffed friends, all of which are dearly loved.

This bed belongs to our two-year-old daughter, who has just recently made the transition from crib to bed.  This is such a happy, sunny little place in our house.  She's the early riser in the family and wakens us every morning with the same question:  Is it going to be a beautiful day today?  How could you say no?

And there you have it.  An ever-so-tiny glimpse.  Next post -- a new printable card for your sweetie.

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