Thursday, June 17, 2010

Filling in the blanks - day 11

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.


Day 11 of my fill-in-the-blank journal extravaganza and deja vu is sinking in.  Didn't I just write a post yesterday that looked eerily similar to this one?  Happily, the journal page is brand new, but I think the day is swiftly approaching when I'll have to find a new way to post these pages. Stay tuned.  I'm sure a serviceable idea will hit any moment . . . 

Until then, today's page includes the usual, slightly alternative to-do list . . .

and a question about habits - good and bad . . .

The full page looks like this . . .

and is available here.  Do tell . . . what's the one thing that you do far too often?  Or not often enough?


  1. the one thing that i want to put off but won't - i have to get the a/c checked in my car right now! off to the dealership!

  2. Aimee, ugh, a trip to the dealership is something I'd want to put off as well -- but not when the a/c is stake!

    For me today it was taking a cranky three year old along with me to the mall to buy Father's Day presents. Mission accomplished, but oh the whining!


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