Friday, June 18, 2010

Filling in the blanks - day 12

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

Just stopping by quickly on day 12 to post today's fill-in-the-blank journal page.  It includes, as always, my variation on the traditional to-do list . . .

and a food-inspired lightning round . . .

The full page looks like this . . .

and is available here.  See you back here Monday for a new page.  Happy weekend!


  1. abbreviated lightening round: s-o-d-a, bacon, apple pie, with ice, broccoli AND peas. I'd love waffles if someone else will make them. Since I lack the appropriate apparatus, pancakes it is. ;o)

  2. Uh oh, my regional vernacular is showing! Soda and pop . . . I'm looking forward to expanding my vocabulary!

    My choices would include strawberry shortcake, whole wheat, casual brunch and sorbet.

  3. Crass former PA girl loves to tease her Michigan man about pop too. Then again, if we all live in the deep South, it would be Coke, no matter what carbonated beverage. ;o)

    Lemon sorbet sounds good!

  4. Chistie - we just spent a week in Washington and I kept asking for pop - they had no idea what I was talking about!


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