Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About that About page

I've been trying to write my About page for months.  Months.  I have a draft page all set up and every once in a while I stop by, write a few sentences and then delete them.

I can't do it.  The words won't come.  I keep coming up against the fact that in order to write a halfway decent About page it would be good to know what exactly it is that I'm doing here and that is proving to be a stupidly difficult thing to describe.  For me, at least.

It has occurred to me that my journal pages are the closest thing here to the real me.  That's me on those pages, probing, wondering, marveling.  Trying to figure it out.  All of it.  Even as I stumble along, screwing it up.  Trying to figure out how to balance day-to-day happenings against the bigger stuff.  Trying to remember that much of the time, the day-to-day happenings are the big stuff.  Thinking about the people who inspire me, who connect me with the world, who take me along on their adventures and offer to ride beside me on mine.  Remembering just how many reasons there are to be grateful.  Remembering to be curious.  Looking back.  Looking forward.  But always looking around.

And all of this with colourful borders.  Hand-drawn borders.  (Pretty ones, I hope.)  Because I like for some things to be in their boxes.  So that I can try to figure them out. 

Is that an About page?  I don't know.


  1. Your about page is allowed to evolve. Start with something like, "Hi, I'm Grace and I journal." Let it evolve from there and when you feel new inspiration hit on who you are and what you are doing here, update it.

  2. I just have become an avid follower... but I'd love to know... where in Canada you live. You don't need to put that on your about page... but I'd still love to know! Also... are you a night owl or a morning girl?

  3. the 3rd paragraph in this post would make a great about page. i've been reading your blog for a while and that seems to shed more light on who you are than anything i've seen or read to date. thanks again for sharing these pages, they help us all figure out what we are "about"

    peadoodle at g mail dot com

  4. I agree about the third paragraph being a great about page. And I also agree about it evolving. I started blogging around 2000 (my blog has since changed domains and names) and now it's very different than it was then, because I am human, and I grow and change. Then I was single. Now I'm married. Then it was very personal, now, not as much (thanks to nasty not-so-anonymous commentors). And an about page does not have to be profound, nor does it have to be all-encompassing. It is merely a small glimpse into what you would like us to see about you. ^_^

    Gabby (nonchalantgirl.blogspot.com)

  5. as others have said, I think you've written your about page here... good job!

  6. Hey, put it up there. You can always change it. For what it's worth, I always save the already colored version of your journal pages. Thanks for doing them.

  7. I've always thought of the "about" page as evidence of our voyeuristic culture (of which I am wholly guilty) - no matter how much you already know, it lets you know even more, or get some back story to fuel our thirst for speculation. But, in your words, I think you imply something important about this whole idea. It's not the about page that ends up being the big deal...it's those everyday posts where you have been sharing your own thoughts and through them igniting others' epiphanies (at least for me). It's benefited us all that those thoughts of yours are contained in works of art you like to call journal pages that you have so kindly shared. I like the 3rd paragraph and the last statement very much, but I suggest you don't worry too much about the "about" - you're making enough big stuff here as it is. ;)


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