Monday, October 25, 2010

Hardly waiting . . .

Things I can hardly wait for . . .
  • hugs and kisses from my girls
  • dinner, in the last ten minutes before it's ready
  • stolen moments with the husband
  • happy emails
  • late evening meetups with friends involving deep-fried foods, decadent desserts and deep conversation
  • each small success on the way to larger goals

What's on your list?

(Find a colour-it-yourself version of the quote right here.)


  1. Your list is great! I'll add...
    time for reading or sewing
    sunny summer days (the Seattle rain is back)
    my next bowl of ice cream

  2. Family vacations
    Sunday afternoons
    dinner with hubby at Cafe Rio
    girls nights out

  3. visiting with far away friends and family
    finishing a good book
    time alone
    bedtime stories
    hot chocolate with whipped cream

  4. Putting on my slippers and taking off a certain undergarment at the end of a long day...:)

  5. your next journal page!
    the looks on their faces Christmas morning
    the last hour of work before vacation

    peadoodle at g mail dot com

  6. Thanks everyone! Love your lists!

    Emily - Ahhh good books and creative making -- never enough time for those!

    Maggie - Sunday afternoons. Love those!

    Scribbler - Time alone. I can't wait for it and then I miss everyone when they're gone.

    Roxann - Know exactly what you mean. :)

    Peadoodle - Christmas morning! Makes all that wrapping at 2 a.m. on Christmas Eve worthwhile! Thanks for putting me on your list! :)

  7. The sound of my husband's keys in the keyhole
    The wet kisses from my dog
    A moment alone to be able to craft
    The moment right before falling asleep when I snuggle into the one I love

  8. baked desserts to be done
    seeds to sprout in spring then... to open
    camping trips to begin


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