Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photos from a mid-afternoon walk . . .

Met some lovely friends for a walk this afternoon.  Snapped a whole bunch of pics of children running from the camera and these when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds . . .


  1. I miss milkweed! Amazing pictures, thank you for sharing. ;o)

    (PS--check out "Odd Velvet" by Mary Whitcomb)

  2. Thanks, Scribbler! I would totally take a milkweed pod to school for show and tell! Not odd at all.

  3. I love milkweed pix. My mom helped us kids make ornaments out of them when we were little. We painted the outside and glittered the inside. Of course now I live in the south with no burdocks or milkweed pods or similar.

  4. Thanks, Dix and Amy K! Dix, sorry to hear you've moved away from milkweed pods . . . what are the natural wonders of the south?


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