Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday journal page

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

I was so excited about today's page.  Scratch that.  I am excited about today's page, but I am also (and may forever be) stumped on how best to present my pages here.

Today the sun outside my window had that wonderful autumnal glow that is ideal for taking wistful photos of milkweed pods.  It turns out, however, that that very same glow turns the bright white paper on which I've printed my pages the colour of murky bilge water.  All of which is beyond discouraging after spending so many hours producing something I'm quite happy with and very eager to share.  So I just opened up the aperture, hoping that an abundance of glow would produce some sort of photographic magic and that you'd consider the resulting blur to be, you know, interesting or something.

Moving on.

This first section incorporates a doodle that's been hanging around in my "doodly possibilities" file for ages.  I wanted to write about dreams this week and finally, those little guys -- buds or seedlings or dreams in their infancy -- found a home.

And then there's this week's quote.  I love this quote by Cynthia Heimel.  It reads:  "When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.  There is a microscopically thin line between being brilliantly creative and acting like the most gigantic idiot on earth.  So what the hell, leap."

I don't know about you, but I don't own a home microscope, so I never really know whether I'm on the side of brilliant creativity or gigantic idiocy.  Yet, really, I think she's right.  Leap anyway!

And here, friends, is the best shot I could muster of the whole page.  I snipped around the border with a pair of round-tipped, yellow plastic scissors because the edges of the page just seemed too straight today. 

You'll find all the usual suspects here (no border, no colour, and anxiously awaiting both) and here (a border, but no colour) and here (bordered and coloured in digitally.)

How about you?  Do you leap?  And where are you on the path to realizing really big dreams?  Any and all tips, tricks and anecdotes will be greatly appreciated!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. I'd like to offer my advice for leaping and realizing big dreams. I'll need a volunteer that can serve as an example... Anyone? Oh... Christie! Thanks for volunteering!

    Here's my advice - start now and jump in with both feet! Forget about "perfect". A dream that has been started trumps a dream left in the incubator - trumps it everytime!

    So don't fret about the light conditions or spend too long fiddling with the aperture. Point! Focus! Shoot!

    Don't leave things languishing in the "doodly possibilities" file for too long. Let them out to play and make friends.

    And most of all - don't worry about those people that DO carry around a microscope looking for those who've crossed the line. They have no appreciation for how fun it can be to dance on the razor's edge!

  2. I'm not a leaper. Sometimes I'd like to be. Right now I'm trying to figure out the dream I want to jump into...

  3. I did tend to leap before looking a lot in the past, and I never really had a lot of good results. I tend to look and consider before I leap now :)

    Since my illness, my dreams are just to be well and live to God's glory and make sure my kids dreams come true!

  4. Thanks, Patrick, Laura and Jessi J.!

    Patrick - Good advice all! Off to dance on the razor's edge!

    Laura - Figuring it out, that's the hard part. Best wishes for future leaps of brilliance!

    Jessi J. - So sorry to read about your illness. Be well, Jessi.

  5. I wish I could leap more than I do...what is it that holds us back? I envy people who can leap into anything they want and they don't care about the consequences/outcomes. Hopefully one day I will come to that point. I think being around friends who aren't afraid is a starting point.

    Btw- I love this journal page today..especially the little "buds" growing...what a great design!

  6. I'm typically not a leaper, and tend to be more reserved and analytical; somewhat fearful. Good or bad, that's who I am.
    I am however a dreamer!!
    As always, awesome page today!

  7. Thanks Nancy and Amy K!

    Nancy - I totally agree with you. Being around friends who leap is a great way to watch and see how it's done!

    Amy K - Maybe the dreaming will lead to leaping? I think that's the stage I'm getting to . . .

  8. It's funny that I came here shortly after writing about dreams on my own blog. GRANTED, it's about the dreams one has when asleep, but .... ^_^ I have had one dream for the longest time, and that's to have my own masquerade ball (I won't get into the WHYs here). I talk, I research, I plan ... but nothing has come of it. So, I have decided to make the LEAP and make an action plan on my 35th birthday (which is in 8 days!) to set this dream on a path to reality. Enough talk, and now into action. And while it may not end up being ALL that I want, I can hopefully finally achieve it and move on to other dreams. ^_^

    Thanks for the page!
    -- Gabby

  9. this one is awesome.... my daughter is really into word association at the moment and she will love it!

  10. I am finding it so interesting to come and read your blog, not only because of the fact that your pages are magnificent creations of pure guenius, but also because I find my own attitudes, emotions and ponderings mirrored here.

    Many moments of upheaval have been happening in my life in the last couple of weeks. I feel as though I have hit a patch of black ice and I'm twirling out of control sometimes. But, it is so nice to come here, read what you are thinking "aloud", and do a little (much needed) introspection.

    Thank you, Christie. Thank you for going out of your way to put together such fantastic pages that really enable all of the dreamers out there to bring out our inner selves, get to know them, and learn to trust them. I know, I for one, am a dreamer, not much of a leaper. However, sometimes, when I am filling out one of your journal pages, I catch myself writing down something that I would never have thought I'd feel. It's allowing me the rarest gift... getting to know the inner me. The me that I have come to realize I didn't know much at all. Maybe someday, I will come to know and appreciate that inner "leaper" I know is in there somewhere!

  11. Oh I leap alright - probably more than I should! (-;

  12. Thanks Gabby, Aimee, Heather and Meg!

    Gabby - Now that's what I'm talking about! Your comment is totally inspiring me, Gabby. Go for it! And happy, happy birthday!

    Aimee - Thanks! Hope your daughter loves it!

    Heather - Sorry to read that things are a little off-kilter lately. But I'm so glad that you're able to find a connection here. It's the highest praise, really, and so motivates me to keep on going with this blog. I hope you'll introduce me to your inner leaper, when you find her. (I know you will!)

    Meg - Love this! Great to meet a bona fide leaper!


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