Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's good to mention stuff. You never know where it will lead.

Sometime late last fall, I mentioned to the husband that I was on the lookout for a book on watercolour painting.  Then life roared on forward as it does and I forgot all about it.

Skip ahead a month or two.

On Christmas morning the husband, sweetest of sweethearts, presented me with a gift bag filled with nifty art supplies and a brochure from the local art school in which the description of its introductory watercolour class had been circled in an extremely romantic fashion.

(I wasn't nearly as inventive on his behalf.  He asked for shirts.  I got him shirts.  Some really cool shirts, but shirts nonetheless.  And a few other treats he didn't ask for.  But still, mostly shirts.)

Anyhoo, all of the above preamble is meant to lead you to the fact that I've been taking a watercolour class on Wednesday mornings for a few weeks now.

Today I learned how to make clouds.  There are a surprising number of ways to make clouds in watercolour.  The technique in the photo below involves cerulean blue paint and Kleenex.  (Ignore the blue and purple stripes at the top.  I was also using this page to test out colour mixes.)

Making clouds is awesome.

I have also learned how to make trees.  Below is a partial shot of my first attempt at watercolour ever.  Trees mostly.  Painting spindly, coniferous-y trees is every bit as awesome as making clouds.  Way more fun than getting shirts for Christmas.

What are you learning these days?


  1. Nothing as interesting as that! I might just have to run out and sign up for classes!

  2. Oooh! A well-dressed man loves you a lot and gave you a GREAT gift! I'm sure he's sitting back in his awesome shirt tickled you are having such a good time.

    Tissues to make clouds...will put that on my list of to dos as that is way more interesting than vacuuming.

  3. ohhh! I've thought that i would like to take watercolor lessons when I retire... looks like fun!

  4. Please keep sharing -- I love reading about this! Several women in my family have taken up watercolor at different points in their lives, although I never got into it too deeply myself. Your clouds look great -- I hope to see more of what you're learning!

  5. Hi Laura, Scribbler, Christine and Hungry Crafter!

    Laura - :) I'm so glad my husband signed me up. I wish I'd done it sooner!

    Scribbler - I agree. Vacuuming can't compete with tissue clouds!

    Christine - It is fun!

    Hungry Crafter - Thanks for the encouragement! I will totally keep sharing!

  6. wow Christie! those are both s well done! If I had to guess, I would have said those were both done by someone with a lot of experience.
    I'm so excited to see where you go with this. If you're this good at the beginning... well... wow! :-)

  7. Sewing, and I'm loving every minute. I'd actually signed up for one sewing class and one watercolour class, but the latter was cancelled after the first lesson for insufficient numbers so I signed up for a second section of the sewing.

    I love your journal pages and your watercolours are lovely!

  8. Hi Liberty and Rappy!

    Liberty - Thanks for the encouragement! A bit of beginner's luck I think and the fact that our instructor is teaching us stuff that's easy to pick up on the first try! But I'm loving it so much; can't wait to show you more.

    Rappy - Isn't it great to take a new class every now and then? Glad to hear you're loving your sewing class!


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