Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pet balloons

On the husband's birthday at the end of January, he was given four helium-filled balloons.  One, the Spider-Man balloon, met with an early demise.  Death by three year old.

The other three have been let loose in our house and they've been wandering around, wherever the indoor breezes take them.

These are our star-shaped friends.  They've been hanging out up there for a day or two.

This one below, the polka dot, is slowly coming back down to earth and follows us from room to room.  I'm not kidding.  It does.  Last night, it hung out with me while I tidied up after dinner.

We've become accustomed to them, floating around, minding their own business.  Not pets, exactly, because that would be odd.  But we'll miss them when they're gone.  Seriously.


  1. my girls love balloons and miss them when they are gone. They are fun :)

    I need to get a dish drainer thing like you have! :) thanks for the picture it reminded me, putting it on the list right now

  2. They kinda remind me of those stars from Dora. How they sit in her backpack until she needs them. Maybe yours have superpowers too?

  3. LOL! this gave me a great laugh!
    with only a few words, you've got me anthromorphising (?sp?) balloons!
    I hope they last as long as possible :)

  4. Pet balloons isn't odd as we had one. A butterfly balloon lasted from big girl's birthday in May until her sister's September birthday!

    Comforting to see your dish drainer is as full as mine. ;-) Tell Polka Dot to steer clear of the knife!


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