Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knowing thyself and a new journal page

Update: The journal page in this post is no longer available for download. For a selection of free, printable journal pages, please visit my Printable Journal Pages collection.

Dropping in this Thursday evening to post a new journal page.

It begins with a cheeky to-do list -- the only kind of to-do list that gets me off my butt . . .

and a look at the things -- for better or worse -- that we know about ourselves . . .

Thought I'd take a stab at that one right here, with your indulgence . . .

Conflict:  Avoid it whenever possible, even if it's to my detriment.  Working on that.
Change:  Crave and loathe it in equal parts.
Communication:  My record on this one is spotty at best.  Sometimes I just can't.  Can't bear the connection.  Working on that.  Right now, in fact. 
Happiness:  I try to choose to be happy as often as possible.  For me, it has to be a conscious decision; I have to go to it, rather than it coming to me.  (Is that how it works for everyone?)  When I put my mind to it though, it works more often than not.

How about you?

The full page, with coloured border thanks to a newish set of magic markers, looks an awful lot like the shot below:

You'll find our newest journal page here (border-free) and here (borderful, colour-free) and here (borderful, colourful).

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. "Begin" and "Venture to be wise" I do. "Be bold" seems to backfire on me when I try (or at least that's how it feels sometimes).

    Chore I do exactly the same every time? I grumble as I clean the bathroom, does that count? ;-)

  2. Conflict: I try to avoid it, but I can rarely manage to keep my mouth shut long enough (:
    Change: I agree with you: "Crave and loathe it in equal parts."
    Communication: If anyone communicates too much, it's me (-;
    Happiness: I'm a fairly happy person, and I count on staying that way.

    Thanks for the great journal page!

  3. I happened upon your journal pages by chance. . . well, maybe no, maybe I was guided from above- I've had this little prayer in my heart for quite sometime that I needed to get back to journaling. Your sweet gift of providing such fun, beautiful, joyful journal pages is AMAZING! I thank you! From my heart to your heart, thank you for your generosity!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pages with everyone. I found you through Google and have really been enjoying reading these. You have quite a talent (your borders are so cute!!!) and I enjoy the thinking that the prompts foster. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks so much for these. My niece celebrated her 40th last week and I gave her a bucket list kit of sorts which included a journal of blank pages and about 26 of your pages glued in. I thought it would help her focus on documenting her year and her 40 things at 40.

  6. I'm new here, but I honestly am in LOVE with your journal pages! You are a genius and my new blog hero right now! I'm going to tell all of my followers how awesome you are!

  7. this one is awesome Christie!
    I find that I sometimes learn really interesting things about myself from filling in blanks (or sentence completion) so I'm really looking forward to doing this page :)


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