Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Friendship cards

See the edge of that card back there, behind my first pocket journal?

It's a card that first started as an idea for an extra little something to send out with orders for pocket journals.  I wrote a little about it, way back when I listed my first pocket journal for sale, and have been including it in outgoing packages ever since.

I've been calling it a friendship card.  It's filled with lots of prompts to get you writing to good friends about all the stuff you've been up to and some of the stuff you'd like to do next.
In response to a number of emails I've received asking if more cards would be available for sale separately, I've listed that first friendship card along with another, brand new one in sets of four in my Etsy shop.

If you'd like to see a few more photos and a bit more info, feel free to stop by my shop!



  1. These are so cute and would be perfect for my grand daughters and their friends.

  2. LOVE them! Hooray for championing snail mail! ;-)

  3. Christie,

    I've just found you. what a beautiful blog and what fabulous journal pages. I will be downloading and printing - I'm really looking forward to filling them in

    thank you


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