Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New(ish) journal page no. 6

For some reason, this page was a tough one.  I took me ages to figure it out and for a while nothing was right -- not the layout, not the doodles, not the prompts.  Nothing except the lightning round.

As with each of my revised journal pages, this page contains bits of the old journal page and some new stuff -- in this case, a brand new lightning round.  I love dreaming up lightning rounds.  Love it.  So many neat choices out there in the world.  Don't you think?

Anyhoo, here is a little preview pic of the colourful version of new(ish) journal page no. 6:

And a little preview pic of the colour-free version:

If you'd like either one (or both) for yourself, they are available here (colour-free) and here (colourful).

hugs and happy journaling,


  1. I haven't printed any of your pages yet but I know I will - I love them and thanks for being so generous :)

  2. The lightening rounds are my favourite parts of your journal pages. :D

  3. Hello! I've printed all of your available pages and I've completed a few. They are a really nice distraction every once in a while. Thanks for creating them and making them available. -Nizzy

  4. I just download all the pages of the journals, and will print to write in them. I can barely wait to see more pages revised. They are beautiful! It's just amazing!


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