Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bridging the gap

When my daughters were quite young, a wonderful teacher once suggested that I could try to lessen any apprehension they might feel about spending the day at school by bridging the gap between drop-off and pick-up. I could remind them that even though we'd be apart while they were at school, we'd be together again soon.

Such a simple thing, common sense really, but it made such a difference that I find myself doing it all the time now, making a conscious effort to fill the void between now and later. Instead of ending conversations with "Goodbye," I'm much more likely to say, "See you tonight," or "See you next Tuesday," or even, "Talk to you soon." My friends and family may not even notice it, but I love the sense of continuity that a few words can evoke.

It occurred to me today that journaling is another excellent bridge for life's gaps. In addition to being a boundless repository for past and current events, journaling offers a remarkable opportunity for forward thinking. Writing about my plans, the future I envision, and always reminding myself that there are successes, big and small, just a few steps ahead, are my ways of using journaling to bridge the gap.


  1. This is really poignant. I love it.

    1. Thanks, Miranda. So very very nice to see your comment. :)


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