Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New pages in progress

Thought I'd share one of the prompts from a new set of pages in the works:

One place I love to visit in spring: the arboretum on campus at our local university. There are always brand new baby ducks taking dips with their parents in the vernal pool that forms after the spring thaw.

One thing I love to eat in summer: anything fresh off the barbecue!

One thing I love to do in fall: set new goals. The beginning of the new school year always feels like a great opportunity to make grand plans.

One sight I love to see in winter: snow-covered cityscapes.

How about you?


  1. one place i love to visit in the spring: the parks back at home. they are filled with dogwood tress (our state tree). they are beautiful.

    one thing i love to eat in summer: ribs smoked by my dad or husband (my daddy taught him!)

    one thing i love to do in the fall: go to the same pumpkin patch at home with my kids that i went too as a child.

    one sight i love to see in winter: snow! we live in hawaii, so we dont see it.

    1. Hi Imoutnumbered! You've described your home and family so beautifully. Lovely places to watch the seasons change -- even if there's no snow involved. :)

  2. Spring - my yard...pretty simple, but I love to see everything come alive right in my neck of the woods.

    Summer - I love homemade ice cream. It is just a staple of our summery celebrations.

    Fall - I love to sit by the fire pit in my backyard.

    Winter - if it is going to be dreary and darker, then I need to see snow. It just lightens everything up.

    1. Hi 2busy! Homemade ice cream sounds heavenly. And I totally agree about the snow -- if we have to experience the cold dark winter, then there must be snow!

  3. spring: anywhere spring has sprung in technicolor. I love green, green grass because all too soon, summer sizzles it brown.

    summer: corn on the cob

    fall: hunting for pumpkins

    winter: freshly fallen snow...all the better to make tracks in!

    1. Scribbler! I hope you're enjoying your green grass while it lasts. It seems we all agree, so far, on the snow. :)

  4. I love to visit the Wellington Botanical Gardens in the spring - when they have the most amazing tulip display. Just gorgeous.
    I love to eat salads in the summer - there's something about garden-grown crisp lettuce and sweet tomato that's unbeatable.
    In autumn I love stepping through (and on) fallen leaves (I'm a member of the FB page "Will go out of my way to step on a crunchy leaf"!).
    In winter I like to see our hazelnut trees in flower (we have 580 trees, and they are covered in lamb-tail catkins in July and August - wintertime here).

    Thanks for the prompt!

    1. Margot! Aren't Botanical Gardens amazing? We have two nearby and they are incredibly beautiful and both offer classes and many opportunities to learn more about gardening. My youngest daughter would absolutely love your approach to fall -- no crunchy leaf is safe in her presence. And wow, 580 trees! So awesome. :)

  5. One place I love to visit in spring: the street near my son's school. One of the houses has a garden full of lily of the valley and they smell wonderful.

    One thing I love to eat in summer: BBQ and a really good potato salad

    One thing I love to do in fall: go for a walk to look at the fall leaves.

    One sight I love to see in winter: fresh snow, before anyone has had a chance to walk in it

    1. Silverlotus! Lily of the valley are so lovely, I can almost smell them, too. And I totally agree with you on the subject of potato salad -- no BBQ is complete without it. :)


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