Thursday, May 29, 2014

Springtime doodles continued

I've made a few additions to those doodles from yesterday and turned them into a page border. Here's a sneak peek screen capture from my computer:

It's a little different than my usual journal page border design, but it has been fun to try something new. Best of all, it has given me all sorts of inspiration, which I think I'd like to pass along. As soon as I can manage it, I'll post a little something new with these doodles, just for you. I hope you'll stay tuned!


  1. Christie, I just found your blog via pinterest. I'm searching for some school journaling ideas as I may be teaching 9th grade ELA in the fall. However, I was distracted by your awesome talent! I, too, love to doodle and make it a part of my note-taking during class (4th grade :). I was wondering if you have a blog post or would consider doing a tutorial post for creating such beautiful designs/doodles/borders using a computer program/app. I think many of your readers would find it extremely useful :) Blessings & have an amazing summer!

    1. Hi Janie! That's a great idea! It will require a bit of thought, but I know I can come up with something fun. Stay tuned. :)

  2. OOhhh! Please do! I have admired your work for years and would love to dabble in something creative like this but have no idea where to start.

  3. I too was looking for a tutorial on doodling, and note taking for homeschool. Did you ever end up doing one? Also, what program do you use? THANKS!


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