Friday, May 30, 2014

Springtime doodles - part 3: A new inspiration page!

As soon as those springtime doodles arranged themselves into a page border, I thought it might be fun to add them to an inspiration page. This one is all about joy. The good stuff, big and small. The stuff that delights you in the moment and the stuff that nourishes you over a lifetime.

The thing I like best about lists is that the more I write, the more things pop to mind. You can write it up all at once or add an entry here and there, as the mood strikes. If you find that there aren't enough lines, just print out another copy and keep right on going. And don't forget to look back on your list from time to time. It might just brighten your day.

As always, there's a colour-free version . . .

and a colourful one:
You'll find them here (colour-free) and here (colourful). Happy Friday, friends!


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